Uses of a Half Spoon or Half Cheek Snaffle Bit

Half Cheek Snaffle with mullen mouth.
This is a half cheek snaffle bit with a mullen mouthpiece. 2005 K. Blocksdorf


The first photo depicts a mullen mouth half cheek snaffle. The curve provides room for the horse’s or pony’s tongue. The second photo depicts a half cheek snaffle with a jointed synthetic mouth piece. The ‘spoons’ that extend downward prevent the bit from pulling through the horse’s mouth.


Half-cheek snaffle bits are generally used for driving although they are occasionally seen on riding horses. They are a relatively mild bit similar to a full cheek snaffle bit and are often used when training young horses to hold a bit.

How it Works:

This bit works much like a full cheek snaffle bit.

From the collection of Rose Danko, Coates Creek Stables