Why You Should Handle Your Bird Every Day

Close-up of Woman Holding Budgerigars
Mehbub Ahsan / EyeEm / Getty Images

All pet experts will tell new bird owners to set aside time every day to handle their pets—but why? Keeping them tame is only one reason that daily handling is so important. Read on for just a few reasons why handling your feathered friend every day is imperative to successful pet bird ownership.

Knowing Your Bird's Body

Handling your bird every day will give you a good idea of what is normal for your pet in terms of weight and body condition. Because sick birds can become quite thin in a short amount of time, handling your bird often can help you keep a close eye on your pet's health. This can help alert you to any health problems early on.​​

Keeping Pet Birds Tame

Although dogs and cats have been bred as pets for hundreds and thousands of years, birds have not. Because of this, they are not domesticated and must be tamed on an individual basis. Handling your bird every day will help build the bond between you and your pet and will deter wild and destructive behavior.

Soothing Birds and Owners 

Perhaps the greatest reason for handling your bird is because it is fun! Being loved and petted is great for a pet bird's mental and emotional health, and research has proven that petting animals can lower stress levels in their human owners. Handling is a win/win situation.

With all these great reasons to invite your bird out to play, you shouldn't have any trouble at all setting aside an hour or two each day to handle and socialize with your pet. Your bird will benefit from all of your love and attention. In ​return, you will have a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted pet.