40 Hawaiian Dog Names

Give your dog a name inspired by these beautiful Polynesian Islands

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If you've ever visited Hawaii, you'll know what a beautiful, friendly and culturally unique archipelago of Islands it is. From their famously kind aloha spirit to their wonderful food, landscapes and traditions, there's a lot to love about this beautiful Island State in the Pacific Ocean.

Whether you're a repeat visitor, or you just admire the Islanders philosophy of positivity, then you might want to select a name inspired by Hawaii for a newly-adopted dog. Here are a few Hawaiian dog names below for your consideration.

Top Hawaiian Dog Names

  • Kai (m)
  • Leilani (f)
  • Akamu (m)
  • Leia (f)
  • Keanu (m)
  • Ona (f)
  • Kale (m)
  • Malia (f)
  • Leialoha (m)
  • Lono (f)

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Take the time to make sure the whole family agrees on the name you pick. It can be confusing and unsettling for your dog if you end up changing their name a few weeks after they have settled in. It could also set you back a bit with any training you're doing.

It's best not to opt for a name that's too complicated. Hawaiian words and names can sometimes be difficult for people to get right. Pick one that isn't too long or tricky —it should easily roll off the tongue. If you have other pets in the house, try to select something that doesn't sound too similar. Training could get awkward otherwise!

The most important thing is to pick something that makes you feel positive when you say it. If the name gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, then that's a great sign.

Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired by Their Temperament or Appearance

Every dog has its own unique characteristics, quirks and identifying marks. Maybe your dog has a unique coat color or a particularly cheeky personality? This can help inform the decision you make when it comes to a name.

We've outlined below a few Hawaiian words that might match up with your dog's appearance or disposition. Even if none of these appeals, you could always look up the Hawaiian translation for a word you do think encompasses your dog to see if it would work instead.

  • Kawai (perfect for a water-loving breed as this means coming from water)
  • Nohea (meaning beautiful or handsome)
  • Ulani (meaning cheerful)
  • Haukea (meaning white snow - perfect for a white dog)
  • Kiko (meaning spot)
  • Laka (meaning gentle)
  • Kolohe (meaning mischief-maker)
  • Weu Weu (meaning fuzzy - perfect for a fluffy dog breed)
  • Koa (meaning fearless)
  • Aka (meaning shadow)

Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired by Local Traditions or Words

Hawaii is rich in local traditions and cultural heritage. The Islanders are famed for their aloha spirit; promoting kindness, friendliness and acceptance. They have a deep respect for those around them and the environment they live in.

  • Aloha (a universal Island greeting for hello or goodbye which also means kind-hearted)
  • Hula (the famous traditional Polynesian dance of the Island)
  • Mahalo (meaning thanks)
  • Akua (Hawaiian Gods)
  • Poki (a mythical Hawaiian spirit dog)
  • Laua/Lūʻau (a traditional Hawaiian celebration)
  • Lei (the garland that has become a symbol of Hawaii)
  • Mana (spiritual life force or healing energy)
  • Malama 'Aina (a deep-rooted Hawaiian value of caring for the land)
  • Ilio (meaning dog)

Food and Drink Inspired Hawaiian Dog Names

It's not unusual for dogs to be named after an owners favorite food or drink. Sometimes food-inspired names just sound seriously cute, and they have become popular names for dogs worldwide. Fudge, Oreo, Nacho and Pumpkin are just a few typical examples.

  • Haupia (a traditional coconut dessert)
  • Ahi (a fish staple in Hawaii)
  • Poi (a popular starchy and filling island food)
  • Taro (a common plant ingredient)
  • Poke (the Hawaiian version of Sashimi)
  • Liliko (passion fruit)
  • Mai tai (a tropical cocktail popular in Hawaii)
  • Chi Chi (a tequila-based cocktail)
  • Waikiki (a neighborhood famous for its beaches and cocktail bars)
  • Kona (a famous island coffee)

Other Dog Name Ideas

If you're still not feeling inspired after reviewing this list, you can always have a look through these other dog name compilations for ideas: