Herding Dog Breeds

Meet the herding dog breed group, which has a serious talent for moving other animals around.
With a serious talent for moving other animals around, the herding dog breed group is reliable, protective and quick to learn.
Adult Appenzeller Sennenhund running on path
Learn About the Hardworking and Athletic Appenzeller Sennenhund
pumi dog
Meet The Agile Pumi Dog
A Entlebucher Mountain Dog outdoors.
Learn All About the Loyal Entlebucher Mountain Dog
side view of Lancashire heeler standing looking up and alert at a dog show
Learn About the Hardy and Happy Lancashire Heeler
Polish lowland sheepdog
Meet the Tenacious Polish Lowland Sheepdog
A Croatian Sheepdog lying in the grass
Learn More About the Active and Hard-Working Croatian Sheepdog
schapendoes lying outside
Learn About the Friendly and Lively Schapendoes
Border collie dog standing indoors in profile
Meet the Smart and Energetic Border Collie
mudi dog sitting in grass
Learn All About the Courageous Mudi Dog
Brown and black Briard dog in field of wheat.
Learn About the Fluffy and Fearless Briard Dog
Berger Picard outside
Learn About the Beautiful, Bearded Berger Picard
Finnish Lapphund lying on wooden step
Learn About the Friendly and Alert Finnish Lapphund
Icelandic sheepdog lying in front of a red metal wall
Learn About the Rare and Friendly Icelandic Sheepdog
catahoula leopard dog headshot
Learn About the Loyal and Energetic Catahoula Leopard Dog
Standing side profile of a Belgian Malinois on the grass
Learn About the Smart and Hardworking Belgian Malinois
rough collie
Learn About the Devoted and Friendly Collie
Bergamasco sheepdog standing outside
Learn About the Intelligent and Hardy Bergamasco Sheepdog
A King Shepherd dog laying on the grass
Meet the Large and Lovable King Shepherd
Meet the Loyal and Energetic Beauceron
belgian sheepdog looking at camera
All About the Athletic Belgian Sheepdog
Dutch Shepherd Dog Working
Meet the Rare and Loyal Dutch Shepherd
side view of a gray and white Shetland sheepdog (Sheltie)
Learn About the Active and Intelligent Shetland Sheepdog
Australian Kelpie
Discover the Rugged Australian Kelpie
An adult Czech sheepdog on a sandy beach
Learn About the Friendly and Active Czech Sheepdog
Standing side profile of a puli dog
Learn All About the Charming Puli Dog
miniature American shepherd hanging over a chair
Learn About the Active and Intelligent Mini American Shepherd
Bouvier des flandres
Meet the Bearded and Confident Bouvier des Flandres
A close-up of a Bearded Collie
Meet the Friendly, Intelligent Bearded Collie
Akbash dog standing in a field
Learn About the Alert and Independent Akbash
Standing side profile of a Swedish Vallhund
Learn About the Loving and Energetic Swedish Vallhund
Standing side profile of a Pyrenean Shepherd or Sheepdog (Pyr Shep)
Meet the Shaggy, Intelligent Pyrenean Shepherd
Belgian Tervuren in field of heather grass.
Learn About the Smart and Energetic Belgian Tervuren (Terv)
Belgian Laekenois against white background
Meet the Fearless Belgian Laekenois
Old English Sheepdog sitting on the grass
Meet the Adorable and Playful Old English Sheepdog
cardigan welsh corgi
Meet the Adorable, Lesser-Known Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Canaan dog, lying down
Learn About the Ancient and Alert Canaan Dog
German Shepherd
15 Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds
shepherd dog in the grass
17 Top Dog Breeds for Herding Livestock
Two Corgi puppies sitting on the floor.
8 Adorable Baby Corgis You Pawsitively Have to See
cute german shepherd puppy
16 Cute German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies
Three Belgian Malinois puppies in a field
Should the Belgian Malinois Puppy Be Your Next Pet?