Homemade Guinea Pig Cage Sites

My Top Picks for Homemade Guinea Pig Cages

Close-up of guinea pig in cage

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Sure you can buy an overpriced, small cage for your cavy from a pet store, or you can save a bundle of money and make your own! Here are my picks for the best homemade guinea pig cage sites.

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    Guinea pig peering out from wire mesh cage
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    Instructions on how to make your own cubes and coroplast cavy cages.

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    Guinea Pig Compendium

    Guinea pig in cage

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    Several different cavy cage ideas including a homemade hutch, a cage using a child's wading pool, and more.

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    Kathy's Kritter Tales

    Close-up of guinea pigs in cage

    Priyanshu Trivedi / Getty Images

    Another site showing the plastic cube design but with great instructions and design photos.