Common Horse Behaviors & How to Train Your Horse

When working with your horse, it's important that you understand body language and basic behavior, otherwise you could risk getting hurt. Depending on your experience level, you may need to work with a professional to begin training your horse, but first get tips and advice on common horse behaviors and basic training techniques.
horse chewing wood
Learn Why Horses Chew Wood and How to Solve the Problem
A sign saying 'Warning-Horses May Bite' with trees and grass in the background.
Why Your Horse Bites You and How To Prevent It
Horse ridden in standing martingale with rider in English gear.
Learn Why Your Horse Is Tossing Its Head When You Ride
Horse crib biting on fence
What to Do When Your Horse Cribs?
Why Your Horse Rears and What You Can Do About It
Horse in Sunny Dust
The 8 Most Common Ways You Can Be Hurt By a Horse
Woman leading a horse around an area and practicing lunging.
Tips for How to Lunge Your Horse Effectively
Horse rolling on the ground at the end of the day
Is It Always a Good Thing When Your Horse Rolls?
Woman helping child mount horse
Why Your Horse Won't Stand Still for Mounting and What You Can Do
Headshot portrait of a horse in a barn
Punishing Your Horse - What Does and Does Not Work
How to Neck Rein Your Horse
Cue Your Horse to Turn by Neck Reining
Child and man pulling on pony's lead rope.
Why Your Horse is Balky or Nappy and What You Can Do About It
Mother helping son with horse riding
Learn How to Train Your Horse to Turn Using Direct Reining
Woman Embracing Horse On Field
Teach Your Horse to Give You a Hug
Man training a horse on reins
Learn the Basics of Training Your Horse
Man loading horse into stall in trailer
This is What You Can Teach Your Two or Three Year Old Horse
Horse being led to ocean water by its trainer
How to Help Your Spooky, Nervous Horse
Old West horse breaking
What Broke Means When Talking About Horses
Horse bucking
5 Reasons Why Your Horse Bucks and How to Stop It
Horse eating hay in stall
Why Your Horse Stall or Fence Walks and What to Do About It
Female jockey walking horse in paddock.
Learn How to Lead Your Horse or Pony the Safe Way
content woman sitting on horse in highland
What is the Method for Teaching Your Horse to Neck Rein?
Young Woman Kissing Horse While Standing By Trees
Teach Your Horse to Give You a Kiss
Woman leading young horse.
What Should a Weanling Horse Be Trained?
A man struggling to control a horse.
How to Do a Rein Back