A Comprehensive Guide to Horse Breeds

Some horse breeds are well known for their beautiful coloring, while others are recognized for their agility or even their temperament. Learn about different horse breeds, including the thoroughbred, Appaloosa, American quarter horse, and more.
Bay Andalusian stallion cantering
10 Best Spanish Horse Breeds
illustration of unicorn facts
Are Unicorns Real? Separating the Truth From Myth
Chuck wagon race horses
Meet the Athletic Thoroughbred Horse
Meet the American Standardbred Horse
Gypsy Vanner cob horse
What are Cob Horses?
Fjord horse head profile against a tree background
Fjord Horse: Breed Profile
Breton mare and foal grazing in a field
Breton Horse: Breed Profile
Draft Horse Team Working the Field
The Best Driving Horse Breeds for Pulling a Carriage
Stabled Thoroughbred
How Many Horse Breeds Are There?
Gelding horse with owner
An Explanation of What an Equine Gelding Is
Are Horses Livestock or Companion Animals?
Are Horses Livestock or Companion Animals and Why It Matters
American quarter horse gallops
American Quarter Horse: Breed Profile
Herd of small horses in pasture
Everything You Need to Know About Miniature Horses
White Arabian horse with reins over face in partial sunlight
Meet the World's Oldest Horse Breed: the Arabian Horse
Grey Irish Draught Horse at Horse Show
Irish Draught Horse: Breed Profile
Tiger horse
Tiger Horse: Breed Profile
Haflinger, gelding with a long mane, galloping on a meadow
The 12 Smallest Horse Breeds Around the World
Appaloosa stallion running through the pasture
Meet the Colorful Appaloosa Horse
Tennessee walker gelding at dusk
Meet the Tennessee Walking Horse
A brown Kathiawari horse standing tall.
Kathiawari Horse: Full Breed Profile
Paint horse mare and foal in a field
Meet the Flashy Paint Horse Breed
Chestnut Morgan mare with hay in her mouth and looking to the left with sudden interest, Commerce Township, Michigan
Meet the Friendly and Versatile Morgan Horse Breed
spotted saddle horse
Spotted Saddle Horse: Breed Profile
Chestnut Horse with Blaze
Why the Dutch Warmblood Horse Is Popular for Riding and Competing
Bay Paso Fino groomed for a show and wearing a show halter.
Paso Fino Horse: Breed Profile
A Black Forest Horse being ridden
Black Forest Horse: Breed Profile
Bay Saddlebred being driven in a horse show.
American Saddlebred: Horse Breed Profile
Grey Orlov Trotter in a pasture in front of a lake, preparing to lie down
Orlov Trotter: Breed Profile
Bay Hackney Horse competing in a driving show.
Hackney: Horse Breed Profile
Peruvian Paso Horse standing in a headcollar
Peruvian Paso: Breed Profile
akhal-teke horse
Learn About the Elegant Akhal-Teke Horse
A black Friesian horse jumping.
All About the Friesian Sporthorse
Gypsy horse playing in turnout.
Gypsy Vanner: Horse Breed Profile
Grey Andalusian cantering in a snowy paddock
Andalusian Horse Breed Profile
Haflinger trotting in a pasture
Haflinger Horse: Breed Profile
Bay Marwari posing in hand.
Marwari Horse: Breed Profile
Welsh mountain ponies in Brecon Beacons
Learn All About Welsh Ponies and Cobs
azteca horse
Azteca Horse: Breed Profile
A horse wearing a saddle
Meet the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
Shire Horse Bay stallion galloping in green pasture
Meet the Magnificent Shire Horse
Galloping herd of mustangs
Mustang Horse: Breed Profile
Rocky Mountain Horse in a pasture during winter
Rocky Mountain Horse: Breed Profile
Missouri Fox Trotter horse
All About the Gaited Missouri Fox Trotter Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse cantering in a pasture
Tennessee Walking Horse: Breed Profile
Racing on the beach 2
Meet the Strong and Athletic Irish Sport Horse
Cleveland Bay and woman standing in a pasture
Cleveland Bay: Breed Profile
A light gray appendix horse standing behind a white fence in the snow.
All About The American Appendix Horse
Two Percheron horses in a pasture
Meet the Mighty Percheron Horse
Clydesdale Horses Grazing
Meet the Mighty Clydesdale Horse Breed
Ardennes horse grazing in a field
Ardennes Horse: Breed Profile
Westphalian mare and foal in a pasture.
Westphalian Horse: Breed Profile
Parade for the Queen featuring Drum Horses in the UK
Drum Horse: Breed Profile
Pair of Dartmoor ponies (Equus ferus caballus) at Roos Tor.
Dartmoor Pony: Breed Profile
Brown-and-white Shetland pony trotting across a field
Meet the Spunky, Versatile Shetland Pony
Grey Florida Cracker Horse standing saddled for a hunting trip.
Florida Cracker Horse: Breed Profile