Horse Care FAQ

Basic Horse Care

All the basics you'll need to know to care for and enjoy your first horse. Image: Getty Images

Before you bring your first horse home there are a few things you need to know, and a few things you will need to have on hand when it arrives. You don't need to go out and buy a lot, but there are a few necessities, including food that you'll need. What are the basics of horse care you must know to look after your first horse or pony? These Horse Care FAQs will answer your questions about basic horse care: food, shelter, costs, necessary equipment, alternatives to ownership and the time it takes to care for a horse or pony. Learn about basic horse care.

  • Horse Care FAQ: What basic foods does my horse need?We all need to eat. There are some foods your horse absolutely must have to stay healthy and in good condition. So first, things first, here’s what to put on your grocery list for your new horse so  you'll be ready when it arrives home.
  • Horse Care FAQ: What are the basic needs of a horse or pony? There are a few things that your horse absolutely can not go without. These things all go to making a success of good horse care. Learn the basic needs in terms of the safety, comfort, and mental and physical health requirements of your new horse or pony.
  • Horse Care FAQ: What basic equipment will I need before I bring my new horse home? You'll need to acquire a few basic tools and other equipment before you bring your new horse home. You don't need to buy everything in the tack store, but there is some gear that will make your handling and caring for your horse safer and easier. Here's a list to help you find what you need, excluding the
  • Horse Care FAQ: I can't afford to buy a horse. Are there other options?
    Not all of us can actually own a horse. That doesn't mean we can't be involved with the horse world, or learn to ride or drive. When you absolutely can’t afford to buy a horse or there is another reason, such as lifestyle, that prevents you from owning a horse, there are other options to keep in in the saddle. Explore your options if you are determined to ride to find out what is available to horseless riders and what is right for you.