Symptoms & Treatments of Common Horse Diseases

Learn about common equine diseases, find out how to spot symptoms and get tips for treatment and care.
horse head looking out of stable
Learn How to Identify and Treat Lice on Horses
Horse jumping over an obstacle with a rider.
How to Help Your Horse Cope With Arthritis
Young woman applying bandage to horse
Effective Ways to Prevent and Treat Grease Heel or Mud Fever
Wounded Horses At Stable
Combating and Healing Your Horse's Saddle Sores
american quarter horse in field
Learn About Internal Parasites That Can Affect Your Horse
bumps on horse's nose
How to Treat Papillomas in Horses
Horse eye
First Aid for Horse Eye Injuries and Infections
vet introducing stallion to mare
What Is Cryptorchidism in Horses?
Hindquarters of bay horse wearing an English saddle.
The Most Common Hind Leg Problems in Horses
Girl petting horse
What to Do If Your Horse Colics
vet examines tifle
Is Your Horse Lame in Front or Back?
injured horse leg
Why Horses With Broken Legs Are Often Euthanized
Horse's front legs at the trot.
Learn the Causes, Treatment, and Prevention of Stocking Up in Horses
Three Welsh mountain ponies (Equus caballus) in a field, including chestnut coloured pregnant mare and foal, and grey pony
How to Treat Hay Belly in Horses
Man working in a horse stable
Learn the Common Causes of Sudden Death in Horses
Chestnut horse eye close up
Learn About Those Rashes, Bumps and Bald Patches on Your Horse
Chewed hay from a horse with a hand for scale
Help, My Horse is Spitting Out Food
Veterinarian with horse
What Every Horse Owner Must Know About EPM
Young woman grooming horse with sponge
Learn About Anhidrosis in Horses
Veterinarian during medical exam of a horse
Videos of Horses With Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)
Horse manure beside shovel.
Diarrhea in Your Horse Can Be a Sign of a Serious Problem
Horse with slobbers.
Is Your Horse Drooling Excessively? This Could Be Why
View of horse's head, eyes and ears.
Moon Blindness in Horses
Two Older Horses With Hollow Backs
Causes and Corrections of Sway, Dropped, or Hollow Backs in Horses
Veterinarian examining the horse
What Is Equine Wobblers Syndrome?
white horse in a field
How to Treat and Prevent Sunburn on Horses
Horses in stall
Does Your Horse Have the Heaves? Learn About RAO, a Chronic Allergy
Tetanus in Horses Can be a Real Problem
What Is Tetanus in Horses?