Frequently Asked Questions About Horses

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about horses, including questions about diet, care, behavior and more.
Human-horse bond
How Long Will My Horse Live?
ARDINGLY, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 01: Detail of a horse's name on it's saddle before the horse parade on April 1, 2013 in Ardingly, United Kingdom.
10 Name Generators That Can Help You Name Your Horse
Horses Running Across Snowy Field in Sunlight
10 Popular Horse Quotes and What They Mean
Teen Girl Caring for Horse in a Stable
Learn Whether You Have the Time to Care for a Horse or Pony
girl schooling her horse
Learn Why Schooling a Horse Is Popular for Competitions
horse lower jaw teeth
What Are Wolf Teeth in a Horse?
Man leading a horse by a rope with another horse in a pen nearby.
Discover Common Terms to Know About Horses
Several horses in their stable
9 Things You Didn't Know About Horse Manure
Lead your horses safely and securely
Learn 11 Tips for Working Safely With Horses
Man training a horse on reins
Learn the Basics of Training Your Horse
Horsewoman riding an Icelandic horse in the snow, Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
Are You Too Big for Your Horse?
Olympics Day 3 - Equestrian
Learn Which Three Sports are Contested By Olympic Equestrians
An older horse and a foal in hay
Learn How to Compare Your Age to Your Horse's Age
Chestnut horse looking out of stable
Horse's Eyes and Vision
Horse's front legs at the trot.
Learn the Causes, Treatment, and Prevention of Stocking Up in Horses
Young goats standing on horse in stable
Why Your Horse Needs a Friend
Horse eating hay in stall
Why Your Horse Stall or Fence Walks and What to Do About It
Are Horses Livestock or Companion Animals and Why It Matters
Nursing foal
What's a Filly? Here's a Definition
Broodmares and foals
What's a Foal? Here's a Definition and Explanation
An Introduction to the Sport of Combined Driving
Two Older Horses With Hollow Backs
Causes and Corrections of Sway, Dropped, or Hollow Backs in Horses
Mare looking at her colt
Here's the Right Way to Use the Word "Colt"
Dressage horse preforms a passage.
Learn How Riding Hors Concours Lets You Compete Without Pressure
horses in a trailer
Learn About Different Types of Horse Trailers
Old West horse breaking
What Broke Means When Talking About Horses
A Kimberwick bit laying on a floral fabric
How a Kimberwick Bit Works and How to Use One
Wounded Horses At Stable
Combating and Healing Your Horse's Saddle Sores
Man loading horse into stall in trailer
This is What You Can Teach Your Two or Three Year Old Horse
Horse grazing in grassy meadow
How to Introduce Your Horse to Lush Pasture
Hanovarian stallion with girth and body length indications
Learn to Calculate a Horse's Approximate Weight
Two bits, parts of a bridoon, curb and snaffle
Learn What a Port on a Bit Is and Why It Is Used
Person hiding carrot from curious horse.
Safely Catch Your Hard to Catch Horse in a Pasture
Ponies in a field
Discover the Differences Between a Horse and a Pony
Girl riding a horse in a stable.
15 Great Gifts for the Horse Lover in Your Life
Teenage girl horse rider with a grey horse outside a stable, adjusting the girth and saddle.
Learn What a Girth Is and Why It's Important on a Saddle
Various types of horse feeds and supplements.
The Different Types of Supplements to Feed Your Horse
Gelding horse with owner
An Explanation of What an Equine Gelding Is
Icelandic Horse
Recognize Horse Facial Markings Such as Blazes, Stars and Snips
Horse in Sunny Dust
The 8 Most Common Ways You Can Be Hurt By a Horse
Chewed hay from a horse with a hand for scale
Help, My Horse is Spitting Out Food
Young girl with horse
Here's How to Identify Your Horse's Leg Markings
horse showing teeth
Capillary Refill Test Both Visually and Manually on a Horse
Yearling mare
Learn What Can Be Done with a Yearling Horse