Horse Terminology That Starts with E

The horse world has its own language. Many of the words come from other languages and have a long tradition. Often these words come from Latin or French roots. Or, they have developed as a sort of shorthand used to describe something horse related. Here are definitions of words you may hear when talking about horses that start with E. 

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    Easy Keeper

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    A horse that gains or maintains weight easily on the minimum required food is said to be an easy keeper. Many times an easy keeper will not need concentrates, or rich hay to stay in top (or even too fat) condition. Some easier keepers, especially ponies would benefit from a restricted diet to prevent obesity. Ponies, warmbloods, draft crosses, many breeds like Quarter Horses and Morgans tend to be easy keepers. Breeds that have a lot of Thoroughbred or Arabian influence tend not to be easy keepers. 

    Also Known As: hardy, thrifty.

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    The word equine refers to horses or ponies or pertaining to those within the equine family. An equine belongs to the family Equidae that includes ponies, donkeys, mules, horses, zebras, asses, and mules.

    The word's roots are the Latin words equīnus or Equus.

    Examples: Many horse sports are open to equines of all types including donkeys and mules.

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    An equestrian is any person who rides or drives a horse. Equestrians may ride English, western, side saddle, bareback, or any other style or combination of styles or drive any type of horse-drawn vehicle. Equestrians may ride or drive in many different disciplines such as rodeo, jumping, eventing, dressagedistance riding, or combined driving.

    Equestrianism is the art of horseback riding, driving, and training.

    Olympic Equestrian sports include eventing, show jumping, paralympic dressage, and dressage. The eight FEI equestrian sports are reining, show jumping, eventing, dressage, paralympic dressage, vaulting, combined driving, and endurance riding.

    The word Equestrian comes from the Latin word for horse rider "equester". 

    Also Known As: horse rider, horseback rider, rider.

    Examples: She did a lot of practicing to qualify for many of the top equestrian competitions.

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    The art of horseback riding. The word comes from the Latin word for horseback riding equitātiōn. Equitation riders are those who practice riding to perfect their skills and hone their communication between themselves and their horse. Equitation classes are a competition for those who which to demonstrate their riding skills using set patterns. 

    Examples: The riding instructor insisted on teaching her students the basics of good equitation so they could ride safely and not hurt their horses.

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    A style of riding using methods and equipment developed in Europe. Referred to as English riding in North America, some parts of Australia and New Zealand. In areas where there is no need to differentiate between Western and English riding it is generally called 'riding'.

    Examples: The horse was shown in both English and Western tack.