Horse Riding & Equestrian Sports

Whether you're riding for recreation or you're competing with your horse, we'll be your resource for everything related to equine sports, including safety tips, training and more.
Anky Van Grunsven of Netherlands riding Salinero competes in the Team Dressage Grand Prix Special on Day 11 of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Olympic Equestrian Rules, Judging, and Officials
Horse-riding through bluebell wood, Brecon Beacons National Park, Powys, Wales, UK, model released
How to Mount a Horse to Ride
Ranchers leading horses in pasture
How Much Should You Ride an Older Horse?
Young man standing between two riders and their horses in a training stable
Training Your Strong Horse to Have Control
Side view of girl wearing riding hat galloping on horseback
How to Ride a Horse Safely
Rising in the stirrups while posting
How to Post the Trot
Woman riding a horse on a track
Sitting the Trot
A western lone rider.
The Difference Between English and Western Riding
Dressage horse portrait in outdoor
15 Horse Bit Mouthpieces Every Equestrian Should Know
Two girls riding a horse
10 Common Mistakes First-Time Horse Riders Make
Man struggling to control horse
Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
A Horse In A Stable Looking Out Of The Window
Phrases You'll Hear During a Riding Lesson
Rider and horse on a trail in autumn
Is Horseback Riding a Sport?
horse up close
11 Riding Habits You Don't Want
a man holding horse reins in the western style
How to Hold the Reins When Riding
Horsewoman riding an Icelandic horse in the snow, Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
Are You Too Big for Your Horse?
Young woman on horse crossing obstacle on course
Jumping in Horseback Riding
Closeup of horseback riders' boots in stirrups
Choosing Boots for Horseback Riding
Cheerful young woman riding horse
Using a Whip or Crop While Horseback Riding
Extended trot dressage
An Introduction to Dressage Riding
Horseback riders talking in a forest
An Introduction to Endurance Riding
Girl in English riding clothes, riding a horse as it jumps an obstacle
What to Wear at an English Horse Show
rider falling from horse
How to Safely Fall Off Your Horse
Learn to canter
How to Canter or Lope on Your Horse or Pony
Side view of girl and mature woman wearing riding hats galloping on horseback
Tips for Safe Horseback Riding
Woman riding horse with bitless bridle
Riding Horses With a Bitless Bridle
Girl riding a chestnut horse, side view
How to Keep Your Heels Down While Horseback Riding
Rear view of female jockey horseback riding.
How To Sit in The Saddle Correctly
Close-up of a dressage horse's head
Using Curb Bits for Horse-Riding
Pferd Fuchs im Herbst im Gegenlicht als Portrait Porträt
6 Common Types of English Riding Bits
Two riders on horseback in a field
How to Ride a Horse at the Walk
blurred picture of a western rider galloping
Keyhole Race Basics for Beginners
Horseback riders
Equipment For Safe Horse Riding
girl schooling her horse
Schooling in Horse Riding and Shows
Young girl rider in rodeo barrel race
Barrel Racing Basics for Beginners
Horse and rider on a wooded trail in fall
Learn to Ride Two-Point or Half Seat
Person providing first-aid to a horse
Essential Items for an Equine First Aid-Kit
Female horseback riding with instructor in indoor paddock
How to Ride Your Horse and Whoa, Halt or Stop
Pole Bending
Pole Bending Basics for Beginners
High Level Cross Country
Cross-Country Equestrian Jumping
Man dismounting from horse.
Learn How To Dismount from a Horse
A Beautiful Gold And White Spotted Palomino Quarter Horse
Essential Horse Manners
Girls riding white horses along snowy lane.
11 Tips for Riding Horses in Winter
Young woman competes at horse show
Clothes and Tack For Your First Western Horse Show
Rear View Of People Riding Horses On Pathway Against Mountain
Mistakes To Avoid When You Tack Up to Ride
five horses, with riders carrying colorful flags
An Introduction to Drill Riding
Stadium Horse Jumping Competitions
An Introduction to Stadium Jumping
Horse and rider silhouetted against moonlight.
Safety Tips for Horseback Trail Riding at Night
Cowgirl riding horse
What to Do When a Horse Pulls or Roots
Teenage girl riding horse
How to Recognize the Correct Diagonal at the Trot
Sport of Combined Driving
An Introduction to Combined Driving