Horse Stables & Supplies

Learn about horse sheds and stables, basic stable supplies, such as tack and saddle racks and other equine equipment, such as halters and reins.
Hand made leather western saddles
How to Choose the Correct Western Saddle Seat Size
Mature woman with son and daughter petting horse
How to Choose the Right Sized Halter for Your Horse
Headshot portrait of a horse in a barn
The Right Floor Material for Your Horse's Stall
Close-up of a dressage horse's head
Why Would You Use a Curb Bit on Your Horse?
Harmony between horse and rider
What You Need to Know About Curb Chains and Straps
Saddle with pad on top of a horse.
Learn to Choose the Right Western Saddle Pad for Your Horse
Icelandic horse wearing blanket
Learn How to Choose the Right Blanket for Your Horse
horse carrying a loose ring snaffle bit
Learn How Your Horse's Snaffle Bit Works
Head of a young dressage horse with unknown rider in action
What Bit to Choose When Training a Young Horse
pony eating hay from a net
Avoid the Dangers of Hay Nets With These Tips
Woman sweeping out horses stable.
How to Muck Out a Horse Stall
Young woman saddling horse
What Can You Expect to Pay for a Horse's Saddle?
Close-up of a horse carrying a loose ring snaffle bit
How to Measure for a Horse Bit
Horses in Stables
Design Your New Horse Stable for Fire Safety
Shetland pony, chestnut gelding, bitless bridle
Is a Bitless Side Pull Bridle Right for You and Your Horse?
A girl and her horse
Learn to Make a Custom Rope Halter for Your Horse
Horse showing line to measure for a good blanket fit.
How to Measure Your Horse For Perfect Blanket Fit
Horses eating hay
Should Your Horse Wear a Winter Blanket When Turned Out?
Woman with horse at stable
A Look at What Different Types of Horse Boarding Stables Can Offer
Rear View Of People Riding Horses On Pathway Against Mountain
Avoid These 7 Mistakes When You Tack Up Your Horse to Ride
Ancient Snaffle Bits
Learn About the Straight Bar Snaffle
Polo Gold Cup - horse's legs.
Buy the Right Leg Wraps or Bandages for Your Horse
A Western Saddle
Tips For Choosing Between Leather or Synthetic Tack
Close-up of a dressage horse's head
Learn How to Find the Right Sized Bit For Your Horse
Horse behind a fence
The Best and Worst Types of Fences for Horse Pastures
A Tom Thumb bit hanging on a green synthetic bridle.
Is the Tom Thumb Bit Causing Discomfort to Your Horse?
Horse standing in shelter with door open
Advantages and Disadvantages of Stables and Run-In Sheds
Shetland pony, chestnut gelding, bitless bridle
Learn How Mechanical Hackamores Work
Brown Leather Horse Riding Saddle, Side View.
How to Choose the Right English Girth For Your Horse
Close-Up Of Saddle On Horse
How to Put a Saddle on a Horse
A pelham bit.
How English Pelham Bits Work
Dressage: portrait of bay horse on nature background.
Description, Action, and Uses of the Eggbutt Snaffle
Cowgirls lead horses out of stable, rear view
Learn How Large Your Stable or Barn Should Be For Your Horse
Adjusting reins for horseback riding
How To Thoroughly Clean Your Horse's Bit
horse in a stable
Tie a Quick Release Knot for Safe Horse Tying
Western Correction Bit
How Does a Correction Bit Work and What Does It Correct?
Man cleaning leather saddle
This Is How to Clean Your Leather Saddle in a Few Easy Steps
horses in a field
Here's How to Put a Bridle on Your Horse
Pferd Fuchs im Herbst im Gegenlicht als Portrait Porträt
6 Common English Horse Riding Bits, Explained
Cowboy riding a chestnut horse
Discover 6 Common Western Riding Bits
A dressage horse and rider actively competing
What Are the Proper Dimensions and Letters for Your Dressage Arena?
Smiling man putting saddle on a chestnut horse.
Learn How to Make a Wither Tracing for Saddle Fitting
Black English saddle hanging on fence near stables.
Choose the Best English Saddle Pad for You and Your Horse
D-ring snaffle
Types of Snaffle Bits for Horses
Vintage Western Leather Saddle
The Right Way to Tie a Western Cinch
Horse rider preparing bridle
Learn How to Put Your Bridle Back Together
Woman riding horse with bitless bridle
What You Need to Know About Riding Your Horse Without a Bit
Cropped side view of horses head and shoulders
Choose the Right Noseband for Your Horse's Bridle
Rider´s leg in stirrup
How to Put Your Feet in the Stirrups Correctly When You Ride a Horse
Horse Grazing On Field
What You Need to Know About Treeless Saddles