How to Be a Responsible Horse Owner

Horses, unlike cats, dogs or other house pets, are a much bigger responsibility in terms of care, money and time commitment. Learn everything you'll need to know about owning a horse.
Grey Florida Cracker Horse standing saddled for a hunting trip.
Florida Cracker Horse: Breed Profile
Breton mare and foal grazing in a field
Breton Horse: Breed Profile
Westphalian mare and foal in a pasture.
Westphalian Horse: Breed Profile
azteca horse
Azteca Horse: Breed Profile
spotted saddle horse
Spotted Saddle Horse: Breed Profile
Bay Marwari posing in hand.
Marwari Horse: Breed Profile
Bay Paso Fino groomed for a show and wearing a show halter.
Paso Fino Horse: Breed Profile
Dappled grey stallion cantering across a field
Names for Geldings and Stallions
Chestnut mare and foal in a pasture
Names for Mares and Fillies
Gypsy horse playing in turnout.
Gypsy Vanner: Horse Breed Profile
Stable hand grooms a white horse
47 White Horse Names
Grey Andalusian cantering in a snowy paddock
Andalusian Horse Breed Profile
Grey Orlov Trotter in a pasture in front of a lake, preparing to lie down
Orlov Trotter: Breed Profile
Bay Saddlebred being driven in a horse show.
American Saddlebred: Horse Breed Profile
Haflinger trotting in a pasture
Haflinger Horse: Breed Profile
Rocky Mountain Horse in a pasture during winter
Rocky Mountain Horse: Breed Profile
Fjord horse head profile against a tree background
Fjord Horse: Breed Profile
Cleveland Bay and woman standing in a pasture
Cleveland Bay: Breed Profile
Bay horse wearing a halter in a grassy field
Brown Horse Names
A bay and a gray racehorse battling for the lead.
Famous Racehorse Names
Illustration of a horse in a stable
Learn Why You Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Low angle view of horses and foals grazing on grass
10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Baby Horses
Man working in a horse stable
Learn the Common Causes of Sudden Death in Horses
three horses sleeping in sun. close up of head.
These Are 15 Fascinating Facts About Horses
Vet checking horses teeth
How to Tell a Horse's Age by Its Teeth
Two horses sniffing noses
Bringing a New Horse Home to Live With Other Horses
Horse sniffing hand
Understanding Your Horse's Sense of Smell
Horse running into water
Learn the Parts of a Horse with This Pictorial Guide
A woman and a girl measuring height of pony using measuring stick against withers
Measuring Your Horse's Height Accurately
Thoroughbred Horse In Stable
What Is a Livery?
Man cleaning horse's hoof with brush
Horse's Hooves and How They Function
Riding tack, Chantilly, France
Wondered What Horse Tack Is? Here's a Definition
Horses in field
Answers to 20 Common Questions About Horses
Two brown horses running through a pasture
The Definition of a Sound Horse
Brown Arabian horses feeding in field with bale of hay behind them
What Does it Cost to Care for a Horse, Anyway?
A Beautiful Gold And White Spotted Palomino Quarter Horse
The 8 Essential Manners Every Horse Should Have
Teenage girl cleaning hoof of a horse
Horse and Pony Care By the Day, Week, Month and Year
A man leads a horse out of stables.
7 Things to Know Before You Buy a Horse
Close-up of horse grooming brush
If You're a Horse Owner, You Need These Supplies
Teenage boy cleaning stable
Choose the Best Bedding for Your Horse' Stall?
Two horses in a shady pasture.
Learn Which Trees are Safe and Which are Toxic to Horses
14 Winter Care Tips for Horses and Ponies
Skinny white pony
7 Reasons Your Horse Might Be Losing Weight
Full Length Of Young Woman Applying Bandage To Injured Pony On Field
How to Treat the 5 Most Common Minor Horse Injuries
Woman in stable with horse
What to Expect When You Bring Your New Horse Home
Horse outside, tied to stable
How to Tie Your Horse or Pony Safely
Horse getting injection
Making the Decision to End the Life of an Equine Friend
Horse drinking from a water trough
Water For Horse Health - How Much and How to Supply It
Equine examination
What You Must Know About Phenylbutazone (Bute) and Your Horse
A Chiropractor examines a horse.
How an Equine Chiropractor Can Help Your Horse
Woman training horse
7 Things You Should Never Do to Your Horse
learn about horse teeth illustration
Here's What You Need to Know About Horse Teeth
Gaunt Wild Horse on the Range
Determine Your Horse's Ideal Body Weight
Water running from hose onto horse's leg.
How to Cold Hose Your Horse's Legs To Help Heal Injuries
Horses lying in a field
Get Your Cast Horse Back on Its Feet
horse wearing blanket in winter field
How to Cool Your Hot Horse Out in Cold Weather
Horse heads
How to Remove Burrs From Horses and Get Rid of Burr Plants
A light gray appendix horse standing behind a white fence in the snow.
All About The American Appendix Horse
Bay Andalusian stallion cantering
10 Best Spanish Horse Breeds
Galloping herd of mustangs
Mustang Horse: Breed Profile