Hound Dog Breeds

Meet the sleek and long-legged hound dog breed group, which is undoubtedly graceful and keen on hunting.
Sleek and long-legged, the hound dog breed group is undoubtedly graceful and keen on hunting.
An Older Podenco
Learn All About Podenco Dogs (Pods)
Plott hound
Learn About the Loving Plott Hound
Rhodesian ridgeback in front of water
Learn About the Protective and Courageous Rhodesian Ridgeback
redbone coonhound
Learn About the Redbone Coonhound Hunting Dog
The Barkless Basenji
Irish wolfhound portrait with foliage in the background
Learn About the Towering and Calm Irish Wolfhound
Afghan hound
Meet One of the Oldest Dog Breeds: The Afghan Hound
norwegian elkhound
Meet the Dignified and Athletic Norwegian Elkhound
The Whippet May Be the Perfect Apartment Companion
treeing walker coonhound standing outdoors
Learn About Confident and Friendly the Treeing Walker Coonhound
saluki dog
Learn How to Care for a Saluki Dog
Greyhound dog standing indoors in profile
Greyhound: Dog Breed Profile
Scottish deerhoud
Learn About the Noble Scottish Deerhound
Black Profile Shot of a Spanish Galgo
The Much Maligned Spanish Galgo
Treeing Tennessee Brindle Dog Catching a Frisbee
Learn All About the Treeing Tennessee Brindle
pharaoh hound under branches
Meet the Ancient and Exotic Pharaoh Hound
Two Ibizan Hounds in Woods
Learn All About the Ibizan Hound
black and tan coonhound
All About the Black and Tan Coonhound
Pack of American Foxhounds with horse in field
Learn All About the American Foxhound
Adult Azawakh Dog
Learn All About the Azawakh
A Bloodhound puppy outdoors.
Bloodhound: Dog Breed Profile
A Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen with a toy.
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen Dog Breed Profile
Carolina Dog in grass
Learn All About the Carolina Dog
A Cirneco Dell'Etna looking into the camera.
Cirneco dell'Etna: Dog Breed Profile
An English Foxhound resting outdoors.
Learn All About the English Foxhound
american english coonhound
Learn About the Loyal American English Coonhound
Wiry haired Portuguese Podengo Pequeno sitting in a field in the sunshine.
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Dog Breed Profile
Sloughi outside smiling.
Sloughi: Dog Breed Profile
A Harrier dog outdoors
Harrier: Dog Breed Profile
basset hound outside
All About the Basset Hound
borzoi dog in the woods
All About the Elegant Borzoi Dog