Hound Dog Breeds

Meet the sleek and long-legged hound dog breed group, which is undoubtedly graceful and keen on hunting.
Sleek and long-legged, the hound dog breed group is undoubtedly graceful and keen on hunting.
Basenji standing in tall grass
Learn About the Quiet and Catlike Basenji
A Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen with a toy.
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen Dog Breed Profile
pharaoh hound under branches
Meet the Unique Pharaoh Hound
Scottish deerhoud
Learn About the Noble Scottish Deerhound
The Whippet May Be the Perfect Apartment Companion
black and tan coonhound
Meet the Relaxed Black and Tan Coonhound
otterhound dogs
Meet the Happy, Energetic Otterhound
black mouth cur sitting in the grass
Black Mouth Cur: Dog Breed Characteristics and Care
norwegian elkhound
Meet the Dignified and Athletic Norwegian Elkhound
A standing side profile of a Sloughi dog in the grass
Meet the Fast and Agile Sloughi
Transylvanian Hound (Erdelyi Kopó)
Meet the Erdelyi Kopó, Also Known as the Transylvanian Hound
Wiry haired Portuguese Podengo Pequeno sitting in a field in the sunshine.
Learn About the Active Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
An Older Podenco
Learn About High-Energy Podenco Dogs
Dachshund (Doxie) dog standing indoors in profile
Meet the Lovable Dachshund Wiener Dog
beagle dog breed
Learn About Cheerful Beagles
Standing side profile of the Saluki dog breed on the grass
Meet the Slim and Rugged Saluki Dog
Basenji standing in front of a blurred forest background
6 Egyptian Dog Breeds
Mini Dachshund
Learn About the Small and Spunky Mini Dachshund
Standing side profile of a Bluetick Coonhound or Bluetick Hound
Learn About the Devoted and Athletic Bluetick Coonhound
Standing side profile of a Redbone Coonhound
Learn About the Redbone Coonhound Hunting Dog
basset hound outside
All About the Floppy, Lovable Basset Hound
A Bloodhound puppy outdoors.
Learn All About the Noble Bloodhound
Pack of American Foxhounds with horse in field
Meet the Hardworking, Lovable American Foxhound
English foxhound lying outdoors on fallen leaves
Learn About the Loving and Social English Foxhound
A Cirneco Dell'Etna looking into the camera.
Cirneco dell'Etna: Dog Breed Profile
treeing walker coonhound standing outdoors
Learn About Confident and Friendly the Treeing Walker Coonhound
Standing side profile of a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog
Learn About the Protective and Courageous Rhodesian Ridgeback
dark brindle Spanish Galgo
Learn About the Calm and Friendly Spanish Galgo
Irish wolfhound portrait with foliage in the background
Learn About the Towering and Calm Irish Wolfhound
harrier standing on grass
Learn About the Friendly and Upbeat Harrier
Brindle and White Mountain Cur Laying Down
Mountain Cur: Dog Breed Profile
Two Ibizan hounds standing alert in a forest
Learn About the Lanky and Loving Ibizan Hound
Carolina Dog in grass
Learn All About the Carolina Dog
dog breed Thai Ridgeback
Thai Ridgeback: Dog Breed Profile
Adult Azawakh Dog
Learn All About the Elegant Azawakh
Afghan hound
Learn About the Afghan Hound's Ancient Roots
Side profile of a Borzoi dog outdoors
All About the Elegant Borzoi Dog
american english coonhound
Learn About the Loyal American English Coonhound
Dachshund Sitting On Grassy Field
10 Best Hound Breeds for Following a Scent