How to Use Waterless Pet Wash

Man kneeling next to a black dog, using waterless pet wash

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

While we love our pets, we don’t always love the way they smell. And despite our best efforts to make bath time fun, our pets don’t always love to hop in the tub. Luckily, The Spruce’s Waterless Pet Wash makes cleaning your pet hassle-free.

What Is Waterless Pet Wash?

Waterless Pet Wash is a pet care product designed for use between grooming appointments or your pet’s regular baths. Our product is specially formulated to be no-rinse, so it’s perfect for dogs or other pets that aren’t enthusiastic about time in the tub. Waterless Pet Wash keeps your pet smelling fresh and clean without the hassle of a full bath.


  1. Shake

    Shake well before using.

    Man shaking waterless pet wash
    The Spruce/ Margot Cavin
  2. Spray

    Spray your dog's coat liberally and let sit for one minute.

    Man spraying Waterless Pet Wash on a black dog
    The Spruce/ Margot Cavin
  3. Wipe and Dry

    Use a clean, soft cloth to rub down your dog's coat and let it air dry.

    Man rubbing dog's coat with a cloth
    The Spruce/ Margot Cavin
  4. Repeat

    For particularly strong odors, repeat as needed.

    Man rubbing dog down with cloth
    The Spruce/ Margot Cavin

Made from carefully selected natural ingredients and pH adjusted for animals, our Waterless Pet Wash is safe for daily use and leaves your pet's coat shiny and skin moisturized.

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