7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Cat's Birthday or Adoptiversary

A cat coming out of a box
Illustration: The Spruce / Bailey Mariner
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    It's a Birthday Pawty

    Pet parents can be pretty extra when it comes to their pets' birthdays and adoptiversaries—and why not?! Not only do cats show unconditional love and affection (eh, sometimes), but according to science, they give owners the gift of better heart health. So it's time to show some appreciation.

    If your kitty's birthday is coming up and you're looking for some fun ways to celebrate, look no further. Learn seven cute ways to pawty hard with your favorite furry family member. 

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    Choose the Purrfect Present for Your Cat

    A homemade cat toy
    Mollie Johanson

    With thousands upon thousands of cat toys out there, it shouldn't be too tough to find a brand-new birthday toy your cat loves. Whether it likes active toys or something to cuddle up with, there's no better excuse than a birthday to add some new items to its already overflowing toy basket.

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    Treat Your Cat to Some Catnip

    Cat enjoying catnip

    Fact: Catnip is to a cat's birthday as happy hour is to a 21-year-old's birthday.

    There are several ways to give your cat catnip, including toys, catnip bubbles (yes, really!), or fresh leaves, but for an occasion as special as your cat's birthday, why not do it up? Make your own soft catnip toy with this free (and simple) pattern, and watch the hilarity ensue.

    It's important to note that not all cats actually respond to catnip, while others can have pretty intense reactions. If you've never given your cat catnip before, try sprinkling just a few dried leaves onto a toy or climbing tower and see how it responds.

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    Make Homemade Party Hats

    Cat with a birthday party hat.

    Cats are hilariously cute most of the time. But when you put a tiny, homemade party hat on a kitty, you've got Instagram gold.

    Even if you're not very crafty, homemade party hats are one of the easiest things you can make. Just grab some foam sheets, construction paper, or wrapping paper; decorate with some cute pompoms or tinsel; and roll it into a cone shape. Then, try to snap a picture before your cat tears it off his head.

    Obviously, you're going to want to make a matching party hat for yourself so you can take sweet selfies with the birthday cat.

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    Prep a Kitty-Friendly Cake

    Cat looking at birthday cake
    Brandi ediss/Getty Images

    If you love crab cakes, you just might want to take a bite of this kitty-friendly birthday cake from Good Food Stories. All you need is a few common pantry items and a cat that's ready to indulge.

    • Combine drained white albacore tuna with diced chicken and sweet potato puree in a large mixing bowl. If your mixture is a little watery, add one teaspoon of rice flour to absorb excess liquids.
    • Scoop into a one-inch cookie cutter to create little, round cakes. If you want to get extra fancy, you can make "frosting" by piping mashed potatoes on top of the cakes.

    Remember, this treat is for special occasions only. You shouldn't feed human food to your cat on a regular basis.

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    Stretch Out for a Cat Nap

    Cat taking a nap on a bed.

    There's nothing better than a birthday spent quietly napping on the couch in a warm spot of sunlight. And most feline friends would probably agree.

    Grab a cozy blanket, and cuddle up with your kitty for a birthday nap and Netflix session. Consider watching "The Lion King" or "The Aristocats," of course.

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    Go for a Walk, But Don't Forget the Leash

    Cat on a leash outside.

    If your indoor cat has never ventured outside, why not use its birthday as an excuse to try something new? Be sure to get a cat leash or harness that fits properly, and try to choose an enclosed area, away from other animals. Then, go outside and get exploring.

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    Donate to a Charity in Its Name

    Two cats sharing dinner together
    Gary S Chapman/Getty Images

    Rather than buying new toys and treats for your cat, consider donating to a charity in its name. Not only will you help other cats locally or nationally, but bonus—you get a tax write-off, too!

    Check with local shelters to see if they need any supply donations—think food, litter, toys, or bedding—or offer a monetary donation. Other animal wellness charities such as the ASPCA, the Humane Society, and Friends of Animals make donating cash super easy.

    Another super-rewarding way to help kitties in need is to donate your time and energy. Contact local shelters to see if they need volunteers to clean their kitty housing or (the best part) play with cats living at the shelter.