60 Japanese Dog Names

Give your dog a name inspired by this East Asian country

Shiba Inu on a rock wearing a Kimono

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Japan is known for having a unique set of traditions and cultures; ancient and modern. The Japanese also speak a distinctive language, unlike any other, and, of course, who doesn't love the food! Combine this with the countries beauty and the politeness of the people, and Japan continues to a popular tourist destination.

Whether you're a repeat visitor, or you're just fascinated by the countries heritage and philosophies, you might have decided to select a Japanese-inspired name for your dog. It could even be that you have a breed that is native to Japan, like the Shiba Inu or the Akita.

Below, we've offered up 60 Japanese dog names that could appeal.

Top Japanese Dog Names

  • Sota (m)
  • Sakura (f)
  • Yuto (m)
  • Mei (f)
  • Haruki (m)
  • Yui (f)
  • Riku (m)
  • Hana (f)
  • Yuma (m)

Tips for Naming Your Dog

If you share a home with other family members, why not brainstorm for a bit and make sure that the name you select is one that everyone is in agreement with. The worst thing you can do is select a name and then change it weeks or months after your dog has settled in because you're not all happy with it. This will be bewildering for your dog.

Opt for a short name or at least one that can be easily abbreviated. Also, make sure it's not too complicated to pronounce. You don't want your dog walker to be continually calling your dog by the wrong name! If you select a random Japanese word that you think sounds cute, just be sure you check the meaning before settling on it. You don't want it to be something inappropriate or even offensive.

Japanese Dog Names Inspired By a Dog's Temperament or Appearance

It's common to choose a name that matches your dog's quirks, characteristics or physical attributes. Is your dog feisty, gentle, excitable or lazy? Maybe they have particularly long ears, or they're a fluffy dog breed. Looking for their unique qualities can help you make a naming decision.

  • Kuru (meaning black)
  • Takeo (meaning warrior)
  • Yoshi (meaning good)
  • Ryuu (meaning dragon)
  • Jin (meaning placid)
  • Kuma (meaning bear)
  • Taidana (meaning lazy)
  • Fuwafuwa (meaning fluffy)
  • Doki doki (meaning excited)
  • Mausu (meaning mouse)

Japanese Dog Names Inspired by Local Traditions and Words

Japan is famed for its ancient cultural heritage and unique traditions. Taking inspiration from Japanese folklore, sports, ceremonies, philosophies and history can be a great way to settle on a name.

  • Inu (meaning dog)
  • Pochi (a common dog name in Japan, meaning pooch)
  • Chanoyu (a traditional tea ceremony)
  • Tenko (a long-living fox from Japanese folklore)
  • Akamaru (the dog character from the famous anime show Naruto)
  • Obon (an annual festival and Buddhist custom honoring ancestors)
  • Sakura (meaning Cherry Blossom, the national flower of Japan)
  • Sumo (the famous ancient Japanese sport)
  • Kanpai (meaning cheers)
  • Hashi (meaning chopsticks)

Food and Drink Inspired Japanese Dog Names

How many times have you heard a dog being given a food-related name? Peaches, Biscuit, Pickle and Fudge are a few common examples. Japan is world-renowned for its food, so you won't be short of inspiration when it comes to potential names for your dog. Tea is also significant in Japanese culture. Browse a few Japanese culinary and beverage-inspired name ideas below.

  • Udon (a thick type of noodle)
  • Sushi (the most iconic type of Japanese food)
  • Matcha (a type of tea)
  • Miso (a type of soup)
  • Soba (a thin type of noodle)
  • Natto (fermented soybeans)
  • Kombu (a type of seaweed)
  • Amazake (a sweet fermented rice drink)
  • Momoshu (a peach liquor)
  • Sake (a famous alcoholic drink)

Further Popular Male Japanese Dog Names

  • Takashi
  • Kaede
  • Akira
  • Hiro
  • Ryo
  • Nao
  • Yoshi
  • Ren
  • Kenji
  • Toshi

Further Popular Female Dog Names

  • Kiko
  • Emi
  • Kimi
  • Akiko
  • Yuri
  • Mana
  • Mariko
  • Yua
  • Natsuki
  • Noriko

Other Dog Name Ideas

If this list hasn't helped you make a decision and you're still looking for further inspiration, you could check out these other dog name compilations.