My Cats and I Tried KitNipBox for the First Time—Here Are Our Thoughts

Spoil your cat with new treats and toys every month.

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KitNipBox Review Products and packaging

The Spruce Pets / Stefanie Waldek

  • Three tiers of subscription plans to choose from

  • Lower total cost compared to competitors

  • Can opt to skip treats in favor of more toys

  • Can set your own billing date

  • All boxes ship free

  • Doesn’t offer subscribers opportunities to choose toys

  • Can only alter delivery frequency if going through the cancellation process

Bottom Line

Overall, I think KitNipBox markets itself exactly as it should—it’s a simple cat subscription service that ships out toys and treats on a monthly basis. The toys are not particularly fancy (or the ones I received in my first box weren’t), but for my cats, they were perfectly serviceable. As my cats enjoy the addition of new toys into their lineup, a monthly surprise would likely keep them entertained for months to come.

I was also impressed by the quality of the treats, even if my cats didn’t love this month’s selection, and I would be interested in testing new products over the course of my subscription. I would happily recommend KitNipBox to fellow cat owners, so long as they have the disposable income to add to their monthly cat expenses.



KitNipBox Review Products and packaging

The Spruce Pets / Stefanie Waldek

If you like to spoil your cat rotten with toys and treats, you might consider signing up for a cat subscription box that provides those goodies to your feline friends every month. There are tons of services that provide this special treatment for your cat, but one of the most notable of the bunch is KitNipBox. The company’s premise is simple: Once you subscribe, you’ll be sent a box with five to seven cat toys and treats inside each month. There’s also no stressing over what to purchase, as the company’s in-house team of cat experts curates each box.

As I have two very playful young cats, Amelia and Joey, I wanted to give KitNipBox a try in an attempt to introduce new toys into my cats’ rotation. The price of a KitNipBox is a little less than what you’d spend on five individual toys and treats, making it a good deal to see what types of products my cats like. Plus, toys don’t always have a very long lifespan when it comes to cats, so a subscription box would allow me to easily replace older, shredded-up toys.

How I Tested KitNipBox

I subscribed to KitNipBox’s Happy Cat Box plan—the company’s middle-tier subscription—to test the service. Though the top-tier Multi-Cat Box plan is recommended for multiple cats, the Happy Cat Box plan comes with five items, which I figured would be more than enough for my two cats.

While evaluating the service, I took into account important criteria like price, shipping time, customization options, product selection, and ease of cancellation. Additionally, before writing this review, I let my cats play with the toys for a few days to see if the products were of a decent quality and durability. Now that I’ve thoroughly tested this cat box subscription, I can say that both my cats and I were satisfied with our purchase.

Cat playing with KitNipBox toy

The Spruce Pets / Stefanie Waldek

How Does KitNipBox Work?

Each month, KitNipBox’s team puts together an assortment of cat toys and treats to send to subscribers, all based on specific themes. There are three types of subscriptions: the Starter Pack, the Happy Cat Box, and the Multi-Cat Box. The only differences between plans are the amount and type of items each box comes with.

For example, the Starter Pack comes with three toys but no treats. Meanwhile, Happy Cat Box and Multi-Cat Box subscribers can expect to receive a total of five and seven items, respectively, in some combination of toys and treats. While you don’t have any say in what goes in your box, you are given the option to skip treats in favor of an all-toy selection. This option makes sense if your cat has a special diet or is a picky eater.

KitNipBox mainly ships its boxes to the U.S. and Canada, but it also works with international customers on an individual basis. Shipping is free in the U.S., though you may be charged sales tax depending upon your location. Shipping to other countries is not free, however, and the total cost depends on the destination. If you’re unhappy with any items in your box, you can contact KitNipBox customer service for a replacement item.

KitNipBox subscriptions automatically renew each month, but you can cancel at any point. Just be sure to cancel at least a week before your next shipment, which occurs on the first of the month. You can, however, choose your own billing date, which must be between the 1st and the 28th of the month preceding your order. When you go to cancel your subscription, you’re also given the choice of skipping one or two months or adjusting to bimonthly or quarterly shipments instead.

How Much Does KitNipBox Cost?

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Starting at $15 per month;

KitNipBox’s Happy Cat Box, which is the plan I purchased, costs $22.99 per month plus tax, while the Starter Pack and Multi-Cat Box cost $14.99 and $32.99 per month, respectively. You can, however, get 15-percent off your first order by subscribing to the company’s email newsletter. You can also receive an additional 15-percent off your next order for referring someone to KitNipBox (your friend or loved one will also receive 15-percent off their first order).

KitNipBox provides the estimated value of each toy and treat in every box. My box was valued at a total of $27. When I researched comparable toys and the specific treats in my box, I came up with roughly the same value. As I only paid $23 plus tax, I did save a little money with KitNipBox compared to buying the items individually.

Delivery and Packaging

KitNipBox ships your products in small clamshell cardboard boxes emblazoned with the company’s name on the side. When you first subscribe, your box should be delivered between three and eight business days after you place your order. After that, your next box is shipped out on the first day of the month with the same estimated delivery window.

Once I placed my order, my Happy Cat Box from KitNipBox arrived in five business days. The box was easy enough to open, with tape sealing just two sides of the clamshell. The products were wrapped together in KitNipBox tissue paper and sealed with a cat sticker. There were also two cards in the box: one describing each of the products and one offering a discount on a DVD or Blu-ray of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, along with a contest to win a free copy by referring someone to KitNipBox.

kitnipbox packaging

The Spruce Pets / Stefanie Waldek

The four toys I received were each attached to a cardboard backing with plastic fasteners. I’d prefer that the toys were just loose in the box, as the excess packaging isn’t necessary, and it’s easy for cats to swallow the little plastic fasteners if you drop one. Regardless, I was glad that the rest of the packaging was recyclable and that the clamshell cardboard box could be reused either for returns to KitNipBox or for other shipping purposes.

What Comes in a KitNipBox?

I received four toys and one package of treats in my KitNipBox Happy Cat Box, all revolving around the theme of fast food. Two of the toys were small plushes: a felt taco and a fuzzy fried chicken leg. One toy was filled with Canadian catnip and the other with Californian catnip, according to the little information card that came with my box. 

One of the toys was a fabric mustard packet filled with North American catnip, which I personally found a hilariously broad descriptor given the relative specificity of the other toys. Jokes aside, the final toy in my box was a wand with a crinkle soda cup with a bell, which my cats seemed to like.

Overall, the quality of my products was pretty standard for cat toys—they’re not high-end toys per se, but my cats didn’t mind. Both of my cats were immediately intrigued by the toys when I presented them, and they tossed them around, bunny-kicked them, and chewed on them for about 20 minutes on that first go. Over the course of a few days, they continued to play with the toys regularly, which I would chalk up as a success. 

KitNipBox box with toy and treats

The Spruce Pets / Stefanie Waldek

The treats I received were PureBites Minnow Freeze-Dried Cat Treats, made entirely of wild-caught raw minnows with no additives. This differed from the treat listed on my information card, which was a Wellness Kitties Grain-Free Chicken and Cranberry Crunch Cat Treat. The card did, however, have a disclaimer that said products in your box may vary from what’s listed. As the ingredients list contains just a single item, these treats are A-OK in my book—but I had a feeling that my cats wouldn’t like them.

Neither of my cats is exceptionally food-motivated, but I do give them a variety of treats on occasion. When I opened the PureBites bag, I could definitely tell there were fish in there given the pungent odor that wafted out. Both cats came over to sniff the bag, but when I presented them with the treats, only Amelia took a bite—hesitantly, I might add. 

Joey, who often wants to eat whatever Amelia is eating, listened to her crunch on the minnows and immediately decided they weren’t for her. I tried to offer them the treats again throughout the testing period, and while Amelia somewhat disinterestedly ate them, Joey abstained. Given how picky cats are, you win some and you lose some.

Who’s KitNipBox Good For?

KitNipBox is best for cat owners whose cats enjoy an ever-changing selection of toys, as they’ll be able to enjoy three to seven new toys every month depending on what plan you choose. Additionally, if your cats frequently destroy toys, the service may be a smart option for you, as you’ll save a little money compared to buying the toys individually. It’s definitely a luxury to subscribe to this box and not a necessity by any means, as it does add significantly to monthly cat expenses.

Additionally, as my cats are young, and I’m still discovering what they like to eat, I’m a fan of the inclusion of treats. KitNipBox gives them a chance to expand their palates, if you will. But if your cat is on a special diet or is a picky eater, you may want to opt out of the edible products in favor of an all-toy selection.

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Starting at $15 per month;

  • What Is a Pet Subscription Box?

    A pet subscription box is a regularly recurring shipment of pet-related products that is mailed directly to your house. Pet subscription boxes often contain toys, treats, and/or food, and they’re typically sent out once a month.

  • Is There a Subscription Box for Cats?

    Yes, there are multiple subscription boxes for cats, including KitNipBox. Other cat subscription boxes include Meowbox and BoxCat for toys and treats, Smalls for cat food, and Skoon for cat litter. If you want human gear in your cat subscription box, you can check out CatLadyBox, which provides goodies for both you and your cat.

  • Is There a Subscription Box for Both Dogs and Cats?

    No, subscription boxes are usually separated by species. Some companies do have products for both dogs and cats, including Pet Treater, but you’ll need separate subscriptions for dogs and cats.

  • How Much Does a Cat Cost per Month?

    On average, cat owners can expect to pay $53 per month on their cats. But keep in mind that you may spend much more if you purchase expensive cat food, litter, and toys. Medical care can also add quite a bit to that total if your cat has health issues.


  • Base Price $22.99
  • Free shipping? Yes
  • Delivery frequency Monthly
  • No. of items per shipment 5
  • Types of products Toys and treats