How to Fold a Horse Blanket

horse blanket


Folding your blankets, coolers, rugs, and sheets properly makes them easier and safer to put on your horse or pony. Your horse will be less likely to spook if you set a folded bundle on its back and slowly unfold it than it would if you came at it with an unfurled blanket and attempted to drag and drape it over it.

Fold your blanket while taking it off of the horse or after cleaning to prepare it for the next use. A folded blanket is also easier to carry. If you are folding blankets for storage tuck mothballs, camphor, or cedar blocks into the folds to repel pests like moths and mice.

Start with the blanket, unbuckled on your horse, or lying upon the ground or floor. On the ground lay the blanket so the outside is facing up (inside lining downwards). Spread the straps out straight so they can be folded into the blanket as you go.

Before you store your horse's blanket, you may want to give it a good cleaning. That way, they'll be ready for the winter, and there's not a last-minute scramble to clean and waterproof them. Be sure they are completely dry before folding and packing them away. Mildew will grow on damp blankets, ruining the fabric. You may also want to look after repairs before storing them.


  1. Fold Towards the Center

    Fold the back 1/3 of the blanket up towards its center. Tuck the leg straps in and fold in the tail flap if there is one. If you are folding the blanket on your horse, the back edge of the blanket will come just past the horse's loins.

  2. Fold Towards the Center

    Fold the front 1/3 of the blanket back towards the folded edge. Straighten and flatten out any shoulder gussets. The front edge of the chest will now be ​laying even with the first fold.

  3. Fold the First Side

    Fold the right side up so the lower edge meets the center seam (or center of an un-seamed blanket). At each step flatten any air trapped inside the blanket (more likely to happen with turn-out rugs) and smooth it down so you end up with a nice flat package when you're done.

  4. Fold the Second Side

    Fold the left side up so the lower edge meets the center, folding up the belly straps. Tuck them in so they don't dangle out of the 'package' when you pick it up.

  5. Make a Neat Bundle

    Fold the two halves together. The bundle can now be folded together another time and packed in a trunk or bag for storage. Make sure your blanket is completely dry before putting it away. You won't want mildew growing inside of it, and ruining the fabric and stitching.

  6. Blanket Your Horse or Pony

Reverse the order of the folds and you’ll be able to easily put the blanket back on the horse. Place the bundle on your horse's back, noticing where the front and back of the folded blanket are. Fold the blanket down, and then frontwards and backward. Straighten out all of the belly and leg straps and the tail flap.

All of these steps can be done with the blanket on your horse's back. Follow the same steps and you'll make it easier to lift the blanket, and you won't end up dragging the blanket off of your horse or through the dirt.