Popular Liquid Vitamins for Aquarium Fishes and Invertebrates

The Lack of Essential Vitamins and Minerals Can Lead To Health Problems

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The lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the diets of freshwater and saltwater fishes and invertebrates can lead to health problems, a common one in fish being head and lateral line erosion disease. An easy way to ensure your aquarium inhabitants get what they require in their diets is to use concentrated liquid vitamins that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and marine lipids, spirulina and kelp, and other natural nutrients.

Here is a list of specially formulated, popular liquid vitamins...MORE that can be used to soak foods, fortify live foods, prevent and treat injuries or illnesses, particularly HLLE, and more.

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    One of the most popular, highly concentrated liquid vitamins for aquarium fishes and inverts.
    American Marine Selcon. PriceGrabber.com
    Selcon by American Marine is probably one of the most popular food boosters with saltwater aquarium and reef keepers. A highly concentrated formula containing unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, marine lipids, stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin, it can be used to soak any freeze-dried, frozen or dried foods to give them additional nutritional value. It can also be added directly in the tank to benefit filter-feeding invertebrates. Selcon does not alter water chemistry, contains no...MORE yeast, phosphate or nitrate. It is an excellent product of choice for treating aquarium fishes inflicted with head and lateral line erosion disease.
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    An excellent treatment for head and lateral line erosion disease in aquarium fishes.
    Kent Marine Zoecon. PriceGrabber.com
    Zoecon by Kent Marine is designed to provide freshwater and saltwater fishes with essential marine lipids and the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. It also contains shark liver oil, which contains natural immune system stimulants. Regular use of Zoecon as a food soak can help prevent nutritional imbalances in fishes and invertebrates. It can be used to fortify live foods, treat fish injuries and illnesses, especially head and lateral line erosion disease. To benefit the health of invertebrates, Zo...MOREecon can be added directly to the aquarium. It is nitrate and phosphate free, has no yeast and sugars. Using this product in conjunction with Kent's Zoe Freshwater or Zoe Marine provides a boost in other bio-available vitamins and minerals as well.
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    Liquid multi-vitamin and mineral supplements that contains heavy amounts of spirulina and kelp.
    Kent Zoe Marine and Zoe Freshwater. PriceGrabber.com
    Kent Marine Zoe Marine and Zoe Freshwater formulas contain heavy amounts of spirulina and kelp, which are particularly important to species whose primary diets consist of algae in nature. Although alga may not be the food of choice for many fresh and saltwater fishes, they do incidentally ingest certain amounts when foraging for live and other foods in the wild. Therefore, it indirectly is a part of their diets. Adding Zoe directly to the aquarium, and soaking foods, particularly dried seaweed...MORE or Nori that is popularly fed to Tangs and Surgeonfishes, is a great way to give all your animals a boost of greens along with other bio-available vitamins and minerals. Fully round out your fishes' diets using Zoe in conjunction with Kent Zoecon.
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    Kent Marine-C is primarily an immune systems booster for aquarium fishes and invertebrates.
    Kent Marine-C. PriceGrabber.com
    Kent Marine Expert Series Marine-C is primarily designed to enhance the immune systems of saltwater fishes and invertebrates. It facilitates the metabolism of fatty acids, and stimulates the production of connective tissue, such as that damaged by head and lateral line erosion, coral propagation, bacterial and parasitic infestations, and wounds. Kent Marine-C can be used as a daily supplement to help correct vitamin C deficiencies in ornamental marine organisms, and although not a medication, it...MORE can also be used when treating damaged or sick fishes and invertebrates to give a boost to their immune system. This product is particularly useful when fragmenting and propagating hard and soft corals.
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    Available in both Marine/Salt and Freshwater versions.
    Boyd Enterprises, Inc. Vita-Chem. PriceGrabber.com
    Available in marine and freshwater versions, Vita Chem by Boyd Enterprises, Inc. is a revolutionary water and tissue soluble vitamin formula designed for aquatic plants and animals. It provides vitamins in a biologically usable form so aquarium inhabitants receive their full nutritional benefits for optimum health. It brings out intense natural colors of fish, increases growth, restores natural vitality, helps increase resistance to disease, and more. Vita Chem aids in fin regeneration,...MORE preventing and treating HLLE. This product can be used as a food fortifier or added directly to the aquarium. It contains over 30 naturally occurring extracts bonded with amino acids, and tauted to provide more active Vitamin C than any other fish vitamin.
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    A highly concentrated, full-spectrum supplement designed to stimulate the healthy growth of corals.
    Seachem Reef Plus. PriceGrabber.com
    Reef Plus by Seachem is a highly concentrated, full-spectrum supplement designed to stimulate the healthy growth of corals. Specially formulated to provide the necessary nutrients found in natural tropical reefs, Reef Plus contains vitamins, including C and B12, plus amino acids, fatty acids, and other trace components that give a positive impact on the growth of desirable reef organisms. It is nitrate and phosphate free. This product is added directly to the aquarium water, and MUST be...MORE refrigerated after opening.
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    An appetite/flavor food enhancer that contains Vitamin-C for enhanced fish health benefits.
    Seachem GarlicGuard. PriceGrabber.com
    Designed to help renew or peak the interest of poor or finicky eaters, although Seachem Garlic Guard is primarily an appetite/flavor food enhancer for freshwater and saltwater fishes, it contains the naturally derived active ingredient found in garlic, allicin. Demonstrated to possess health promoting benefits, allicin has strong anti-oxidant properties which promote enhanced health through elimination of dangerous free radicals. For enhanced fish health benefits, Garlic Guard also contains...MORE Vitamin C. It is freshwater, marine and reef aquarium safe. Who would have ever figured adding garlic extract to a fish's diet would be beneficial to its health?
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    Garlic is a natural attractant for fish that can get finicky and stubborn eaters to take food.
    Kent Marine Garlic Xtreme. PriceGrabber.com
    Combined only with citric acid and ascorbic acid as preservatives, Garlic Xtreme by Kent Marine is 99% pure garlic juice. Garlic has been found to be a natural attractant for fish that can get finicky and stubborn eaters to take food, and is effective as a treatment, particularly if parasites are present or fish have visible wounds or infections. Garlic Xtreme is so highly concentrated that only two drops per teaspoon of fish food each time you feed is needed, or it can be added directly to an...MORE aquarium at the rate of 1 drop per 10 gallons. It is safe for all species of marine and freshwater fishes and plants, live corals, and other invertebrates. The aroma of this product is really strong, so if you use it, it helps to be a garlic lover.