Get Deals on Litter-Robot 4 Bundles This Cyber Monday

Discounts on automatic cat litter boxes, plus Whisker's lowest prices ever

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litter-robot 4 in white


After testing 14 different automatic litter boxes, there was one clear winner: the Litter-Robot 4. The Whisker Litter-Robot 4 has a big, circular entrance, allowing your cat easy access. Once your cat finishes their business, the interior of the Litter-Robot rotates, forcing the litter through a sieve that sifts out the litter clumps, dropping them into a tray at the bottom of the device. All you have to do is pull out the tray, lift up the baggy liner, tie it off, and throw it out.

The Litter-Robot 4 operates quietly, has an intuitive interface, and improves in numerous ways over the already excellent previous model, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect.

Litter-Robot is offering $50 off five different bundled packages for Cyber Monday—November 28—and through the end of the month. Each bundle deal pairs a new Litter-Robot 4 with useful accessories, warranties, and more.

Litter-Robot 4 Bundles on Sale for Cyber Monday

Whisker Litter Robot 4


Buy Litter-Robot 4 Starter Bundle on

Usually $909, Now $859

The Starter Bundle packages a Litter-Robot 4 with a 3-year WhiskerCare Extended Warranty, 25 waste drawer liners, a Black Litter Trap Mat, a 20-pound bag of Premium Cat Litter, and a 2-pack of OdorTrap to reduce pet smells even more.

Buy Litter-Robot 4 Trap Bundle on

Usually $869, Now $819

The Trap Bundle includes a Litter Trap Mat (in your choice of four colors: black, brown, gray, orange) to prevent your cat from spreading litter with their paws, and a 6-pack of OdorTrap to absorb smells from the waste tray. It also comes with the 3-year WhiskerCare Extended Warranty.

Buy Litter-Robot 4 Warranty Bundle on

Usually $799, Now $749

The Warranty Bundle includes a 3-year WhiskerCare Extended Warranty, which offers protection against accidental damage and additional device coverage.

Buy Litter-Robot 4 Double Bundle on

Usually $1,598, Now $1,498

If you're looking for a fantastic holiday gift, or just have a lot of cats, then why not pick up two Litter-Robot 4s and get double the discount? The Double Bundle takes $100 off the price of buying two automatic litter boxes.

Buy Litter-Robot 4 Connected Home Bundle on

Usually $1,148, Now $1,098

The Connected Home Bundle pairs the Litter-Robot 4 with the Feeder-Robot, our favorite automatic cat feeder. Both connect to the same Whisker app, allowing you to track your cat's food intake, serve them snacks, and monitor their litter box use—all from your phone.

Lowest Prices Ever on Whisker Cat Furniture

Whisker Cat Tower


In addition to the discounts on Litter-Robot 4 bundles, Whisker is also offering $75 off bundles of the older model, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect. You can score even bigger deals on Whisker cat furniture:

  • Cat Orb: An elevated bed, platform woven from water hyacinth, with front and top entrances. Usually $199, Now $99
  • Cat Silo: A side table with built-in cat scratchers and a hiding place. Usually $199, Now $99
  • Cat Shelf: These sturdy hanging shelves provide a platform for your cat on your wall. Usually $129, Now $69
  • Cat Side Table: This side table offers a hiding place for sleeping and several platforms for play. Usually $199, Now $129
  • Cat Pyramid: This modern design cat tower offers several different platforms, which narrow as your cat get higher. Usually $249, Now $149
  • Cat Tower: This three-tiered cat tower features multiple ways to relax, scratch, and play. Usually $349, Now $249

That's not all. There are additional deals on cat credenzas, hutches for Litter-Robots, and dog crates. You can also score deals on cat accessories, like food mats, tunnels, laser pointers, and beds.

Plus, if you order during Cyber Monday, you're new cat gear will arrive in time for Christmas.