Ideas & Advice on Life with Dogs

Living with dogs is not only beneficial for your health and wellness, but dogs tend to keep life interesting. Follow our best advice on dog care and behavior, and get inspired by ideas and useful hacks for you and your dog.
Dog on plane
What to Know About Traveling With Your Emotional Support Pet
Jack Russell Terrier riding in car
How to Hit the Road in Style With Your Pup
puppy on couch
How to Upstyle Your Dog's Space To Go With Your Chic Home Aesthetic
Search and rescue dog
All About Search and Rescue Dogs
Dog in life jacket standing on boat in front of tree-covered mountain.
12 Tips for Safely Taking Your Dog Boating
Dog breed illustrations for each zodiac sign
The Dog Breed That's Right for You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
K-9 Police Dog
8 Types of Service Dogs and What They Do
Light brown fluffy dog wearing pink dog clothes on white bed
Is It OK to Dress Up Your Dog?
Dog is jumping while running
Here's Why Your Dog Gets Zoomies
3 legged Pit Bull
How to Care for a Three-Legged Dog
dog birthday party
Discover 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday
cute dogs of instagram roundup
The 16 Best Dog Instagrams to Follow Right Now
Dog laying on a bed in front of a fan
How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather
dog car window
12 Things Dog Owners Understand About the Wonderful Pups
dog sleeping on a pillow
16 Dogs Who Seriously Need a Nap
Owner cupping dog's face
Check out 17 Dogs Who Are Very Good Boys
a woman brushing a German Shepherd
Ways to Deal With a Shedding Dog
dog getting nails clipped
How You Can Trim Your Dog's Nails
a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie
How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Dog
Adorable white Pomeranian puppy spitz
10 Teacup Dog Breeds for Tiny Canine Lovers
Visually-impaired elder Shiba Inu mix
How to Care for a Blind Dog
A doggie-skunk run-in
A Home Remedy for De-Skunking Your Dog That Works
Mother and daughter brushing dog in garden, smiling
Know the Basics When It Comes to Dog Grooming
caring for your first dog, dog selfie
The Beginner's Guide to Dog Care
A Jack Russell running in a park
How to Give Your Dog a Bath
Potted Plants On Balcony Of House in Italy
10 Dog-Friendly Ideas for Apartment Balconies
People examining papers with a dog
Convince Your Landlord to Allow Dogs
Black, brown and white dog laying on bed cover next to brown and black cat
Are Dogs Better Than Cats? 10 Reasons Why They Might Be
A Samoyed on a sofa
Does It Matter If Your Dog Gets on Furniture?
Cadaver dog in training
What to Know About Cadaver Dogs
Puppy hiding under bed
What to Do If Your Dog Is Afraid of Fireworks
Puppy and cat look at each other through babygate
How To Safely Introduce Dogs and Cats
two dogs playing and running
Should You Get a Second Dog?
Woman training dog on sandy beach
6 Ideas to Help Curb Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior
dog playing with a treat puzzle
How to Play With Your Dog indoors
Puppy in blue kennel, boy playing with him.
Learn How to Prepare and Properly Kennel Board Your Dog
Large dog snuggling with baby
Tips for Introducing Your Dog and Baby
illustration of reasons not to give up your dog
Reasons You Shouldn't Give Up Your Dog
dogs playing at dog park
Things to Know Before Going to the Dog Park
Dog without appetite
Why People Hate Your Dog
Black dog chewing on toy ball
Discover 10 Common Signs That Your Dog Loves You
Bikes and dogs
How to Ride a Bicycle With Your Dog
woman running with dog, a sheltie
Your Best Running Partner Could Just Be Your Dog
dog in a dog bed with toys
How Much Does It Really Cost to Own a Dog?
cute small dog standing on two legs and looking away by the window searching or waiting for his owner. Pets indoors
10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe
Black Labrador Retriever
Love Black Labs? You'll Love These Names
A Golden Retriever wearing a t-shirt laying down with yellow peeps on his arms and in front of him.
Goofy Golden Retrievers to Follow on Instagram
Neck down shot of woman in park with her husky dog after she has picked up poop in a baggie.
6 Ways to Make Picking Up Dog Poop More Bearable
A corgi wearing a bow tie licking the ear of a dachshund also wearing a bow tie.
Dog Friends to Follow If You Love Harlow and Sage
A fluffy white chihuahua with his tongue out.
Dogs to Follow on Instagram if You Loved Marnie the Dog
A pomeranian dressed in a blue striped shirt and looking at the camera with its tongue out.
Instagram-Famous Pomeranians To Follow
A black and brown French Bulldog in a shower cap in a bath tub.
11 Frenchies to Follow on Instagram
A tan Shiba Inu dog laying on the bed, looking at the camera while wearing a DIY crown.
8 Funny Instagram Dogs to Follow if You Love Menswear Dog
A tan-colored dog laying down on a mossy log looking at the camera.
Funny Dogs to Follow on Instagram
Four pugs sitting in a red wagon wearing red striped shirts.
Internet-Famous Pugs to Follow
Owner walking her dog on a path
Make Walking Your Dog a Joy for Both of You
Dog jumping up at mother and son (9-12 months), woman using telephone
10 Things All Busy Dog Owners Should Know
playing fetch with dog
Games to Play With Your Dog
two dogs playing together on green grass
The Best Dog Day Care Centers of 2022
Couple in room with pet dogs
Manage Your Multi-Dog Home Masterfully