Margaret Jones Davis

My Golden girls, Demi (top, age 9) and Annie (bottom, age 4).
My Golden girls, Demi (top, age 9) and Annie (bottom, age 4). Margaret Jones Davis

 Margaret Jones Davis, founder of Creative Dog Training, is a dog trainer whose mission is to help dogs through educating people.


Margaret founded Creative Dog Training, based in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1984. Her father, Earl Monroe Jones, Sr., DVM, built one of the largest practices in Alabama, and he was instrumental in the authoring of the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act in 1966.

In 2006, CDT opened their second location in Homewood, AL. The original Cahaba Heights facility is still located at the premier veterinary care facility her father originally founded, Cahaba Mountain Brook Animal Clinic.

Creative Dog Training launched a new website in 2014 (, allowing the company to help dogs across the globe that had no access to a good dog trainer that could help them with their problems, in addition to serving thousands of local dogs and owners, each location seeing 100-125 dogs per day.


 Growing up under her veterinary father’s wing, Margaret met many dogs over the years. There was not a dog training book she didn't read, she took local classes, and even practiced on dogs that were staying at the vet clinic! Three decades later, Margaret has helped over 15,000 dogs and their families, continues to read every dog training book that crosses her path, and stays active in continuing to broaden her own dog training education in as many ways as possible - including becoming a therapy team with her Golden Retriever, Demi, at Birmingham’s Hand-in-Paw organization.

Margaret Jones Davis

I am deeply honored to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and years of experience with you. My mission is to help dogs through educating people. I have the best career in the world – I play with puppies! I love helping a shy puppy gain confidence, an overbearing puppy learn to play nice, and watching the light bulb turn on as a puppy learns a new skill. Thank you,, for allowing me this opportunity to help puppies around the world!

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