Molting Hermit Crabs

What To Do with Molting Hermit Crabs

This is a land hermit crab. They are commonly kept as pets.
Paul Tessier/E+/Getty Images

Molting hermit crabs are under a lot of stress, and extra care should be take with them at this time. There are various opinions on the best way to care for molting hermit crabs, so you will have to decide which method will work best for you. No matter how you approach the care of your molting hermit crabs, you need to be extra careful about providing the optimal environment. Also avoid handling or disturbing molting hermit crabs as much as possible during this time. Trust that your hermit crabs know what they are doing when it comes to molting, and though it is hard on owners, leaving molting hermit crabs alone to get through the molt is the best way to help!

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