9 Fun and Useful Horse Name Generators

Find Inspiration for Naming Your Colt or Filly

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Many owners put a lot of thought into choosing an appropriate name for their horse. If you don't know where to begin, a random horse name generator can inspire creative ideas that you can build on.

Some generators allow you to add specific words. This is perfect if you want to include the name of a sire or dam, a farm name, or your own name because it will include that in the final result it generates. Others use your personal interests, and others are inspired by racehorses or a particular breed. Here are a few online name generators that can help you find a great name for your colt or filly.

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    Windy Acres Ranch

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    Windy Acres Ranch has one of the best horse name generators you will find. The results are a one-word name like Ruffian, Fleetfoot, Timpani, and Riverwind.

    The best feature of this generator is that you have some control. You can choose your horse's gender as well as any physical attributes, like the coat color. It even allows you to choose from five languages: English and four inspired by "Lord of the Rings."

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    Horse Rider Supply

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    At Horse Rider Supply, you'll find a horse name generator and an extensive list of horse names. You can explore by color, sex, size, country, or simply browse the alphabetized database of names.

    There's a lot to choose from here. For mares, you'll find names like Bridle of Frankenstein, Lady Slippers, and Winsome. If you have a black horse, you can consider names like Ace of Spades, New Moon, or Polynesian Pearl.

    There is also the option to download a name generator that you can use offline. This would be handy if you want to browse options while you're in the stables without an internet connection.

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    Language Is a Virus

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    Language Is a Virus is a website that has all sorts of poetry, wordplay, and name generators for the English language. Included in the animal names are some interesting finds for horses.

    This is a multi-dimensional source for naming your horse. You can explore the alphabetical horse name database with entries like Aditya, Fraley, and Nanako. Each indicates a gender and meaning, though no origin for the name.

    Or, you can experiment with the generator. Simply click the button and a new—usually three-word—name appears. It will give you interesting results like Robbie Nick Porgy, Fatale Gino Zoey, and Tap Spyro Scooby. The more you click, the more unique they become!

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    Baltimore Sun Racehorse Name Generator

    The Baltimore Sun covers the Preakness Stakes extensively every year and they have a fun "What's Your Race Horse Name?" generator.  While it's a simple little quiz designed for a person, it's fun to play with and produces some excellent racehorse names.

    The concept is that you answer one personality-type question and get a name based on your answer. There are many questions available and it produces names fitting of any speedy equine, like Smart Crush and Franklin Princess. 

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    Rum & Monkey Horse Name Generator

    Rum & Monkey is a humor website that provides a variety of name generators alongside their popular quizzes and videos. Among those is "The Ultimate Horse Name Generator."

    For this one, you begin by answering a few questions about yourself, such as which generation you belong to and what general type of work you do. It then asks you whether you're looking for a filly or colt name and your name before generating a horse name.

    You don't have to be honest here and you'll get more results if you choose a different combination of answers. It's also a good one to use the sire, dam, or ranch name, or any other word you want to include or use as inspiration. For instance, a filly with the word "light" results in the name Brazen Starlight.

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    The Egyptian Name Generator

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    Also from Rum & Monkey, you can explore Egyptian sounding names. This would be a perfect option for Akhal-Teke, Barbs, and Arabian bred horses.

    Using the generator, an Egyptian name is created and the meaning is provided. You'll get names that include words like Ain, which apparently means "priceless", Kamilah for "perfection", and Tahirah for "pristine."

    Similar to the horse name generator, each combination of entries you make will result in different Egyptian names. There's likely to be one that you'll find appealing if you run through it a few times.

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    The Native American Name Generator

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    If your horse is a Paint, Pinto, Palomino, Appaloosa,  American Quarter Horse, or any other North American breed, check out Rum & Monkey's Native American name generator.

    Like the others from this site, you'll simply answer a few questions, enter a human name, and choose male or female. The generator will return Native American names like Zitkala, Eyanosa, and Washta.

    Unlike the Egyptian name generator, though, there is no meaning given for the name. For this reason, you might want to do a little research into the name before formalizing it.

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    Band Name Maker

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    This isn't a horse name generator at all. It is a band name generator for naming rock bands. However, it returns some really cool results that would make great horse names.

    This generator allows you to add a specific word you want in the name. By adding the word black, for instance, you get results like Black Factor, Luminescent Black, Black Alley, Chip of Black, and Black Beacon. It's a fun way to discover truly unique names.

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    Quizopolis What's Your Horse Name Generator

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    This "quiz" asks you to enter your own name and it will return your "horse name." But you can enter any two names to generate real horse names. This generator would be good for finding simple one-word stable names.

    For instance, if you enjoy the art of Jackson Pollock, entering his name results in Mosquito. When his name is shortened to Jack, the horse name becomes Trapper. Entering any combination of names can give you some interesting results.