Nandini Balial

Nandini Balial is currently a fact checker and writer, with work appearing in Bitch Media, Slate, Pacific Standard, The New Republic, Vice, The Week, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Men's Journal, The AV Club, and Lit Hub, among other prestigious outlets. Her interests cover a range of lifestyle topics, including film/TV, literature, and feminism.


  • Worked for New York One, the International Emmys, BBC America, and Prime Focus International in editorial and post-production roles
  • Recently finished a two-year stint as a high school English teacher in Fort Worth, Texas


As a writer, Nandini specializes in lifestyle, food, mental health, immigration, film/TV, literature, politics, and feminism. She emigrated from India when she was 9 and has lived and worked in New York City, Los Angeles, Toledo, and Fort Worth. She has worked in a variety of fields, including television, film, book-selling, and publishing; she also spent more than two years as a Task Rabbit as a maid, housekeeper, and personal assistant. After working as a nanny and high school tutor to refugee students, she also spent the last two years teaching high school English.


Nadini earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in cinema studies from New York University.

Expertise: Lifestyle, food, immigration, film/TV, literature, politics, feminism
Education: New York University
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Title: Fact Checker

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