Dr. Natasha Diehl, DVM

Natasha Diehl

Natasha Diehl is a veterinarian with a passion for pursuing specialty medicine with exotic animals;she saw a need for more professionals within the industry and experienced how rewarding working with exotic animals and their owners was during her time completing her first job and internship in California. Her experience ranges from discussions on appropriate husbandry for a variety of exotic species, to understanding and explaining common disease presentations, to handling and technical skills insmall to large exotic patients, and to diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease in all of her patients. Natasha is a down-to-earth veterinarian who developed a love for exotic animals at a young age when she had budgerigars as her first pets.


Dr. Natasha Diehl is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) who graduated from Iowa State University in May 2020. She began her journey in the veterinary world when she was in high school; she pursued a volunteer position at her local veterinary hospital in Northern Illinois. Over time, "volunteer" turned into "veterinary assistant," and she began to fully realize her passion for both small and exotic animals. Throughout her time in hospitals, clinical rotations, and internships, she has developed a passion for communicating with her clients about how to provide the best care for their pets in times of new ownership, adoption, and pre-purchasing exams to difficult end of life care and quality of life.

Expertise: Husbandry of reptiles, birds, and mammals, Common medical conditions of a variety of species, Wildlife Injury and Rehabilitation, Research and Case Study Development,
Education: Morehead State University, Bachelors, Iowa State University, Doctorate
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Title: Small and Exotic Veterinarian

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