Are Vacations out of the Question for People With Parrots

Boy with colorful parrot
Dave Fimbres Photography / Getty Images

It’s been three years since your last vacation and you have the opportunity to go to an exotic destination somewhere in another part of the world. You’ve wanted to go there for a long time and here’s your chance, but you have a parrot. What do you do? You want to go, but you don’t want to leave the little guy with anyone else because you’re afraid that:

  1. He’ll be traumatized for the rest of his life.
  2. You feel you are the only one that can properly take care of him.
  3. He may not be traumatized, but he’ll be mad at you and sulk and perhaps never forgive you. 

Why This Won't Happen

Many people are concerned that this is going to traumatize their bird. They feel that if they leave, their little guy is going to sulk and get all worked up because they’re gone. 

Parrots are pretty adaptable creatures that adjust to change. They’ve been doing it in the wild for eons and will continue as conditions change. In Nature, they have to be flexible and they have to figure out problems. This adaptability comes naturally to them or they would not survive.

They Will Adjust

They’re pretty good little problem solvers and if you leave in the morning to go to work, or step out to go to the grocery store, they don’t have a cow about that. This may be for a longer period of time, but they will adjust. 

Occasionally you might see a little bit of “acting out”; a parrot that returns home will turn his back on you or appear put out for a while, but that never has lasted more than a day or two.

There are two ways you can ensure your birds are cared for while you go on a vacation. You can board your bird with a reputable person, or you can have someone come in daily to care for them. Some people prefer having someone come in a few times a day because they feel it’s less traumatic than moving the bird and all of his stuff to another location.