67 Norwegian Dog Names

Borrow one of these names from Norway for your pooch

Dog in Norway; Norwegian dog names

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Crowning northern Europe is the Kingdom of Norway. This Nordic country is situated on the western and northern strip of the Scandinavian peninsula and is a wild and beautiful coastal country of fjords, fields, and mountains. With a rich history and beautiful landscapes, it's no surprise that Norwegian dog names are a popular choice for naming your pet.

Whether you love the sound of Nordic dog names or are a big of Norwegian culture, you'll find that there are plenty of unique and intriguing Norwegian dog names to consider. These names are especially fitting if your new pup or rescue dog is a native breed of Norway, like the Norwegian elkhound, buhund, or lundehund.

Also pushing the trend of Norwegian dog names are popular movies focused on the kingdoms and people of the Scandinavian region–like Disney's Frozen. Olaf and Elsa are top male and female dog names, though they're not the only Norwegian dog names to consider. Check out this list that includes names popular in the kingdom of Norway and crown your own furry prince or princess with one of these unique names.

Top Norwegian Dog Names 

  • Alf
  • Lars
  • Corey
  • Nils
  • Oskar
  • Viola
  • Olaf
  • Elsa
  • Astrid
  • Iver
  • Luna

Tips for Naming Your Dog

When thinking about what to name your dog, there are so many different factors to consider. This name will be your dog's unique identifier for years to come, and passed along to family, friends, and anyone else that your dog regularly interacts with–like the groomer, veterinarian, and dog walker. So for everyone's sake, it's often best if the name is one that is easy to learn and remember!

When choosing a Norwegian dog name, it's obvious that the spelling and sound may be unusual at first. Say a name out loud several times to see if it feels comfortable and clear. Remember that dog names should generally be simple and clear–one to two syllables is typically recommended.

If you already have your new puppy or have brought home your adopted dog, you might also think about his or her looks and personality. A big breed might be well-suited for a strong Norwegian dog name, while a cute or sweet name might be a better fit for a smaller companion dog.

While naming your dog is a big decision, remember to have fun and think creatively. The right name is the one that you love and your dog knows belongs to him or her!

Norwegian Names for Male Dogs

Many Norwegian names for boys make great male dog names. Choose from classic options like Lars and Frans or more unique options like Balder and Jarle.

  • Balder
  • Casper
  • Leo
  • Larson
  • Jonas
  • Munch
  • Kristofer
  • Jon
  • Stein
  • Magnus
  • Frans
  • Fredrik
  • Aksel
  • Jarle

Norwegian Names for Female Dogs

Many female dog names in Norway are sweet-sounding and beautiful, like Mira and Else. Other popular names signal strength, like the powerful-sounding Thea or Frida.

  • Alva 
  • Olava
  • Else
  • Agnes
  • Kori
  • Hedda
  • Mari
  • Thea
  • Saga
  • Sigrid
  • Lene
  • Linn
  • Ingrid
  • Ida
  • Pia
  • Mira
  • Bella
  • Kira 
  • Mira
  • Nora
  • Maja
  • Kare
  • Frida
  • Aurora

Dog Names from Norwegian and Norse Words

Many dog names can be derived from modern Norwegian words. Or, for an ancient twist, pick an Old Norse word that describes your dog's traits, purpose, or personality. We've included some of the most popular options for both types of Norwegian dog names, along with their general translations.

  • Einar – One warrior
  • Bodil – Leader
  • Elske – Love
  • Elin – Torch of light
  • Lilje – Lily
  • Iskald – Frosty
  • Eira – Protection, Help
  • Enok – Faithful
  • Fiske – Fish
  • Ylva – Wolf
  • Runa – Mighty strength
  • Inge – Hero’s daughter
  • Anja – Gracious
  • Asta – Divine beauty
  • Britt – Powerful, strong
  • Colby – Dark
  • Lamont – Lawman 
  • Dunker – Norwegian hound breed

Other Dog Name Ideas

These Norwegian dog names are a great place to start in finding the right name for your new friend. But if you're still on the search for the right name for your pooch, then you might want to check out these other popular lists of dog names: