Ollie vs. The Farmer’s Dog: Here's How the Dog Food Delivery Services Compare

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ollie vs the farmer's dog

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Although most dogs look forward to mealtime, they may grow tired of eating the same food every day. Can we blame them? Luckily, with so many dog food options to choose from these days, you’re likely to stumble upon a brand of dog food they can’t resist. One of the most popular and craved types of dog food today is fresh food, prepared and cooked in the same kind of quality kitchen where human food would be made, and available for delivery straight to your door. 

Two of the most high-performing fresh dog food brands of today are Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog, both of which prepare and deliver delicious, healthy recipes that even the pickiest of dogs gobble down day in and day out. Each brand features a variety of recipes, full of quality proteins and produce, that may even make your own mouth water, all while keeping your dog both comfortably full and in peak health. It’s the battle of fresh dog foods: Ollie vs. The Farmer’s Dog.

About Ollie

Ollie’s fresh food recipes are chock-full of fruits, vegetables and protein. Your dog can choose to chow down on beef, chicken, lamb or turkey, or you can curate their Ollie meal plan to include a little of everything. Ollie’s food is slow-cooked in small batches to preserve freshness and quality and is also preservative-free. And when it’s time to eat, your delivered foods will still be fresh as ever. Just take a pack out of the fridge and pour it into your pup’s bowl — simple as that. 

The ordering process starts with telling Ollie about your dog, and then you can choose between three different Ollie subscriptions. The Full Fresh Plan is made up of 100 percent fresh dog food, expertly portioned for your dog specifically. You can also mix Ollie in with your dog’s current food to level up their existing diet by subscribing to the Half Fresh Plan. Ollie also offers a Mixed Bowl Plan, which combines Ollie’s fresh food with the brand’s own dry food, perfect for dogs that need a little texture variety. Your Ollie subscription also includes must-have complementary accessories such as a feeding scoop and storage bin, which will make mealtime an absolute breeze.

ollie delivery


About The Farmer’s Dog

Even though your dog may eat anything, that doesn’t mean they should. The Farmer’s Dog’s recipes were formulated by nutritionists to give your pup the necessary nutrients without upsetting a delicate tummy. And in case you were curious, The Farmer’s Dog won’t disturb your stomach either — humans tested each recipe before The Farmer’s Dog delivered its first meal. Each recipe is also rich in protein and necessary vegetables, perfect for your little omnivore. 

Get started with The Farmer’s Dog by filling out a brief questionnaire. This is your chance to let The Farmer’s Dog know all about your furball’s current diet, exercise level, and whether or not there is a sensitive tummy. Then, you and your dog can review The Farmer’s Dog’s recommendations and decide what recipes you want and when you want them delivered. And if you want even more, say in your dog’s diet, try The Farmer’s Dog DIY plan, complete with step-by-step recipes you can make at home as well as the brand’s DIY Nutrient Mix.

Ollie vs. The Farmer’s Dog: How Do They Compare?

Specs  Ollie  The Farmer's Dog 
Base price ~$2/day ~$2/day
Free shipping? Yes Yes 
Types of food  Fresh, dry Fresh 
Customizable meals? Yes Yes 
Delivery frequency Weekly Weekly 
Storing instructions  Food should be refrigerated or put in the freezer Food should be refrigerated or put in the freezer
New member discount? Yes, 60% off first box Yes, 50% off first box 

Plans & Pricing


Plan Price  
Fresh plan Starting at $1.57 per meal
Half fresh plan Starting at $1 per meal 
Mixed plan  Starting at $1.36 per meal

The Farmer’s Dog

Plan Price  
Fresh plan Starting at $1.02 per meal
DIY plan Starting at $3.75 per week 

Ollie Customer Reviews

Loyal Ollie customers praise Ollie for a few key reasons. First and foremost, their dogs can’t get enough. Many customers mention their dogs used to be picky eaters prior to trying Ollie and now leave their bowls completely clean every meal. Customers also frequently note how much Ollie has positively impacted their dog’s digestion and improved the shininess of their fur coats.

Not only do reviewers rave about how delicious the brand’s recipes are, but they also give several shoutouts to the brand’s customer service team. A few customers mentioned that their Ollie deliveries failed to arrive frozen but that customer service quickly remedied the matter. One customer, in particular, gave kudos to the Ollie team — many reviews even shout out customer service reps by name — for not only refunding a delivery that was no longer needed after their dog passed away but also for helping the customer donate the food to a local animal shelter. 

The Farmer’s Dog Customer Reviews

The Farmer’s Dog’s fan base consistently praises the brand’s high-quality food and health benefits, regardless of the age of their dogs. Whether they just adopted a puppy or are the proud parent of a senior dog, customers say that The Farmer’s Dog is their top choice. Dog owners of pups with sensitive stomachs also praise the brand for keeping their dogs’ stomach problems at bay and cutting down on bloating and gas.

A handful of customers have mentioned that their deliveries have failed to arrive on time more than once, causing food to spoil, so keep that in mind if you’re on a tight schedule and close to running out of food. Some customers also mentioned that The Farmer’s Dog meals don’t include enough calories for their breed of dog according to the internet, but we recommend always speaking with your veterinarian about how much your dog should eat per day.

farmer's dog delivery

The Farmer's Dog

Pros & Cons



  • Recipes include fresh fruit and vegetables for a balanced diet
  • Meals are ready to serve upon arrival
  • All meals are cooked and prepared in the U.S.
  • Complimentary accessories


  • Only ships to 48 states
  • More expensive compared to competitors

The Farmer’s Dog


  • Completely customizable meals
  • Developed by nutritionists for a balanced diet
  • Suitable for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities
  • Environmentally friendly packaging


  • Only ships to 48 states
  • Food is not shelf-stable

Other Dog Food Delivery Services

Even though Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog are both top-performing dog food delivery services, it’s important to review them multiple times prior to changing your dog’s food. Dog food delivery services vary in many areas, including price, type of food (fresh, dry, etc.), shipping schedule, and ingredients — not every delivery service will work for you and your pup. It may be worthwhile to give these other dog food delivery services a try before you make your final decision.

Spot & Tango

  • Base Price: $3.03/day
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Types of Food: Dry, fresh

Spot & Tango is an innovative dog food delivery service that sells not only 100 percent fresh, soft-texture meals but is also the proud creator of Unkibble, a revolutionary new approach to dry dog food. Created with Spot & Tango’s Fresh Dry process, Unkibble features the same fresh ingredients as the brand’s fresh meals but with the crunchy texture that your pups are used to. Plus, you can store Unkibble in the pantry, making it a great option for those who like to stock up on food. 

A Pup Above

  • Base Price: $2.97/day
  • Free Shipping? Yes 
  • Types of Food: Dry, fresh

A Pup Above makes mealtime fun for dogs and dog owners alike, with colorful, witty packaging and delicious recipes, available in both fresh and dry formulas. Treat your furry friend to flavors like Turkey Pawella and Chicka Chicka Bow Wow, all approved by veterinarians and created by dog parents like you. Not sure what recipe to order? A Pup Above sells super convenient bundles that feature the best of the brand’s dry and fresh recipes.


  • Base Price: $2.39/day
  • Free Shipping? Yes 
  • Types of Food: Fresh, frozen

JustFoodForDogs works with dog owners of all breeds to come up with a perfect meal plan, whether your dog is a picky eater or requires a special diet. You can choose from its large variety of fresh recipes or work with a veterinarian to create a custom recipe. Plus, JustFoodForDogs offers flexible shipping, allowing you to order just once to try out a recipe or sign up for auto-ship for regular deliveries.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the dog food battle of Ollie vs. The Farmer’s Dog, both brands deliver healthy, fresh recipes that are shipped straight to your door and loved by dogs nationwide. Both services start at around $2 per day and are very customizable, when it comes to the types of recipes you feed your dog and when those recipes are delivered.

Ollie is a great choice for picky eaters, featuring a wide variety of recipes that make it easy to completely customize your dog’s meal plan. Plus, Ollie is one of few dog food delivery services that heavily feature fruit, a great way for your pup to get necessary antioxidants and natural sugars. The company also offers multiple subscription plans, allowing you and your dog to decide how big of a buy-in you want to make on a fresh food diet while saving a buck or two. 

The Farmer’s Dog is best for dogs and dog owners who are new to a fresh food diet and need a little extra assurance to get started. The Farmer’s Dog’s recipes are formulated by nutritionists, praised by veterinarians, and are allergy-sensitive among boasting other health benefits. You can keep your dog’s tummy aches at bay, while also satisfying their biggest cravings at mealtime.

  • How Do You Know What Kind of Food to Feed Your Dog?

    To know what kind of food to feed your dog, first talk with your veterinarian. They will be able to advise you on what types of food to seek out and what types of food to avoid, especially if your pup has any particular health concerns or allergies that may be corrected or exacerbated by certain diets. For example, if your dog requires a prescription diet, you may be limited when it comes to the dog food brands you can order from. 

  • On Average, How Much Does It Cost to Get Dog Food Delivered Each Month?

    The monthly cost of dog food delivery largely depends on the type of food you’re getting delivered and the amount of food you’re getting delivered. Fresh food typically costs more than dry kibble, and feeding a bigger dog like a Saint Bernard will cost more per month than feeding a smaller dog like a Chihuahua. Based on these factors, you can expect to spend anywhere between $15 and $150 per month on dog food delivery. Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog both start at around $2 per day, and prices will increase based on how many recipes you and your pup want as a meal plan.

  • What Does Human-Grade Mean in Regard to Dog Food?

    Human-grade is a pet industry term that is meant to signify that a company’s dog food was cooked and prepared in the same type of kitchen as human food, rather than in a factory setting. Human-grade is not a certifiable standard, so make sure to dig beyond a brand’s human-grade label.

    Other factors to consider besides a human-grade label are whether or not a dog food brand was formulated with expert help (such as The Farmer’s Dog) or was reviewed by an objective third party like The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog, though, do put dog food brands up against a list of industry standards.

  • Does Fresh Dog Food Come Frozen?

    Fresh dog food may be packaged and shipped in a variety of ways, including frozen. Ollie’s dog food is shipped frozen, but food from The Farmer’s Dog is shipped refrigerated and doesn’t need to be placed in the freezer until after it arrives. Some fresh dog food brands don’t freeze or refrigerate their deliveries because their dog food is shelf-stable. For example, Spot & Tango’s Unkibble is 100 percent fresh but is dried, so it can be shipped and stored without the need for refrigeration.