19 Orange Cat Names

Orange tabby cat in bed

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While cats come in many colors, none are probably as famous as orange cats and any feline with such a flashy coat deserves a fabulous name. These top orange cat names will give your kitty a purr-fect name.

Orange cats have been featured in movies, books, and comic strips for decades. Many orange cats are also tabbies, with distinctive stripes adding to their striking appearance.


One of the most famous orange cats of all time, Garfield takes center stage in his own comic strip. If your cat takes center stage in your life and creates plenty of comedic moments, Garfield is the perfect pick for an orange cat name.


Whether your feline is a mouser or not, Cheddar is a great orange cat name. An orange cat’s fur is the same shade of this tasty cheese, plus it’s a fitting nod to the long-term struggle being waged between cat and mouse.


A cheery redhead, Annie is a popular pick for female orange cat names.

Orange kitten jumping
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A goofy, giggly character from Sesame Street that everyone loves, Elmo is a cute name for your beloved orange cat.


The Muppets featured a cast of lovable characters, including Ernie—who had a distinctly orange appearance. It’s unlikely, though, that your orange cat will share a fondness for bath time with a rubber ducky like Ernie did!


Another Muppet’s character, Beaker featured a shock of reddish-orange hair on top of his head and was known primarily for communicating with “Meep!” While your cat probably uses “meow” to communicate his thoughts, if he shares Beaker’s reddish-orange hair color, then this is a perfect orange cat name.


For a fiery orange cat name, choose Flame.

Portrait of orange cat with green eyes
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Another comic cat, Heathcliff is an orange tabby who has been appearing in Sunday papers since the 1970’s. Heathcliff often causes mischief—which is not unlike many other frisky felines.


If your cat is your partner in adventure, then Hobbes is a perfect orange cat name. Calvin and Hobbes are a long-running comic strip duo. Hobbes is a stuffed tiger that comes to life in the imagination and adventures of his friend and constant companion, Calvin. Have many great adventures with your own striped tiger when you name your orange cat ‘Hobbes.’


While he might be an aquatic creature, Nemo may share some similarities with your friendly feline. The popular clownfish sported a striped orange appearance (like a tabby) and is much-loved by children of all ages. If your cat is quite the catch, name him Nemo after this orange character.


A Tigger is like a tiger—only with more personality. The lovable character from Winnie the Pooh was a big cat with orange and black stripes, known for bouncing everywhere he went, because “that’s what Tiggers do best!” If your feline’s feet never touch the ground, Tigger is the perfect name for your orange cat.


Cheetos are a popular snack with a distinctly orange appearance, making them a great orange cat name. Whether you’re just a big fan of the crunchy snacks or find orange cat fur everywhere (much like Cheeto dust), this is a fun name for your new feline.


Mac, short for Macaroni and Cheese, is another food-inspired name for your orange cat. Whether you make it from a box or from scratch, this favorite pasta dish is distinctively colored, just like your new furry friend.


This is “nacho” your average orange cat name! Everyone loves nacho cheese, and if your orange cat is a real crowd-pleaser, then this is a great name to pick.


Everyone’s favorite fall treat is also a great orange cat name. Pumpkin is a sweet pick for your kitty’s name, especially if you love the autumn season.

Sunny D

Like a bright orange bottle of Sunny D, the sight of your cat will start your day off right. Name him or her after this popular orange drink for a fix of Sunny D all day long.


You can’t go wrong with Rusty as a classic orange cat name!

Two orange cats sleeping
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Plenty of orange cats are tabbies, making Tiger a suitably stripe-y name for your feline.


One of the most famous tigers of all time, Tony the Tiger sported an orange coat with black stripes. As the mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Tony was known for his catchphrase, “They’re gr-r-eat!” If your orange cat is gr-r-eat, name him Tony.


One of the most prized spices in the world, saffron imparts a beautiful golden-orange when used in cooking or baking. If you’re looking for a female orange cat name for your prized kitty, name her Saffron and no one will every doubt how much you cherish her.

Light orange cat lying on bed
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A little bit spicy, Ginger is a common name for redheads. If your orange cat has a spicy personality, name her Ginger.


A sweet and sugary drink with a distinctively orange appearance, Tang is another option for an orange cat name.