Picture Gallery of Persian Cats

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    Bluie, the Hide-and-Seek Expert

    Persian Cat with Rose
    Bluie, Submitted by Her Human. © Pat and John Hodge

    Everyone agrees that the Persian was high on the list of esteemed "possessions" by royalty, from the king of Persia to the kings and queens of England. In the late 19th century, North America discovered the Persian cat, and it soon became the most popular cat in the United States, an honor it still holds today, throughout the world. These photos of lovely Persian cats are provided by their owners.

    With its glorious long-flowing coat, and a sweet face to match its disposition, it is no wonder the Persian is a favorite pedigreed breed. Persians require a secure, serene environment, but once they feel safe, they will be a constant source of pleasure to their lucky owners. If you're looking for more Persian cat photos, visit the original Persian Cats Photo Album.

    This cat is a Blue Persian, and her name is Azurine Ambrosia Hodge, but she is called Bluie for short. She is two years old and is her owner's little princess. She loves to play hide and seek and carry her toy spider around in her mouth. She has a unique talent where she shakes hands, which her owners find adorable!

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    Lollipop, the Persian Kitten

    Silver Persian Kitten
    Lollipop, Submitted by Her Human. © Laura

    This is six-month-old baby Persian Lollipop, snuggling with a black one-year-old roommate. According to her owner, Lollipop is the sweetest pet she has ever had and the best birthday present she ever received. Even though her owner has to leave Lollipop at home when she's at school, Lollipop keeps her family quite entertained during the day.

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    Storm Felix, the Happy Persian Cat

    Persian Kitten
    Storm Felix, Submitted by His Human. © Laila

    Storm Felix is a four-month-old kitten, and an extremely playful cat! His owner chose his name as "Storm Felix," because Felix means "Happy," and he was a happy gift from the owner's husband. As for the "Storm," she is one of her favorite characters in X-Men. 

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    Newton, the Vegetable-Lover

    Persian Cat with Grass
    Newton, Submitted by His Human. © Carol

    Newton's most recent Christmas present was gifted by the owner's mother. What was it? His very own pot of grass. After discovering how much Newton loved to eat his cat-grass, his owners had to set a time limit for the delicious snack so that he wouldn't eat the whole thing.

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    Dolly, a Seal Point Himalayan

    Himalayan Persian Cat
    Dolly, Submitted by Her Human. © James O. Stinson

    This is Dolly, a three-year-old Seal Point Himalayan. Dolly fancies herself to be an aristocrat and spends most daylight hours sleeping or striking classic poses. Apparently, she does not realize that while asleep, she frequently rolls onto her back and sleeps with her legs spread wide apart, a most unladylike pose. When night comes, she changes into another cat: one that runs full speed from room to room throughout the house for no apparent reason, stopping only for a little rough house if the opportunity presents itself. Through it all, she seems to rely on her great physical beauty to keep her out of trouble. So far, it has worked.

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    Princess Sassypants, a Flame Point Persian Cat

    Flamepoint Persian Cat
    Princess Sassypants, Submitted by Her Humans. © Amy Shoemaker

    Princess Sassypants was a joint birthday gift to her owners. She is a Flame Point Persian who is 11 weeks old. Although she may look angelic in her photo, she is a handful! She has brought her owners and their older cat a lot of joy and love. For now, Princess Sassypants is still growing up.

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    Kaos, a Himalayan Persian Cat

    Himalayan Persian Cat
    Kaos, Submitted by His Owner. © Randy Kokesch

    Kaos is a five-year-old purebred Himalayan cat. His owner says that Kaos' favorite quote is: "Of all God's creatures, there is only one that cannot be made a slave of the leash. That one is the cat." Sounds like Kaos has a pretty stubborn streak!

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    T.C., a Blue Cream Smoke Persian

    Blue Smoke Persian Cat
    T.C., Submitted by His Owner. © Barbie

    T.C. might have won the "kitty lottery" when he found his owner, Barbie. The beautiful four-year-old boy, is a Blue Cream Smoke Persian that was rescued at the age of 10 months. Sadly T.C. was born into an unfortunate situation, where had been kept in a basement and then brought into the vet's to be put down. A friend of the owner's, who worked at the clinic, took him home instead, but, as she had so many cats of her own, asked if the owner would take him in. It was love at first sight and both of their worlds are truly a better place!

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    Sir Munch, a Tiny Persian Blue

    Persian Blue Kitten
    Sir Munch, Submitted by His Human. © Judy L. Dietz

    The verdict is still out, but it's a cute picture, all right.

    Sir Munch the Great "Munch" is a three-week-old Persian blue and white kitten who was born to Max and Macy, Persian cats owned by Sir Munch's owner. Looking at a print of Edvard Munch's The Scream do you see the resemblance? 

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    Min Min, a Chinchilla White Persian

    Chinchilla White Persian Cat
    Min Min, Submitted by Her Owner. © Angela

    Min Min is the daughter of Madylan's Pachat of Pastel (Chinchilla) and Pastel Sophia Loren (White Persian), and is also called Snowflake Mina Reine de Montpellier.

    When Min Min is at her favorite location, she can be found in her bed. She is now 11 years old. Despite her advancing age, she is still highly active and energetic. Min Min still behaves like a little baby. She sleeps with her owner every night, and while doing so, occasionally pokes friendly holes on her owner's chest, neck and face.

    She is known to tap on the keys of her owner's computer, sending e-mails to people without her owner's consent. If you have been receiving e-mails with kitty cat paw prints, they just might be from Min Min. Min Min is currently the proud mother of five Persian kittens. She is still living with all of her children and husband Bub Bub (a Chinchilla Grey Persian), enjoying a happy and majestic life.

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    Mika, a Banana-Loving Persian Cat

    Persian Cat
    Mika, Submitted by Her Human. © Laura Gaffney

    Mika was born in the middle of a wintry December and is the love of her owner's life. Aside from being a cute ball of fur, and taking long naps, Mika has a peculiar love of bananas and aluminum foil. 

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    Crimson Long, a Red Persian Cat

    Red Persian Cat
    Crimson Long, Submitted by His Human. © Miche'le Long

    Crimson Long is an angelic pet who brings his owner absolute joy. Even on the saddest, worst of days, as soon as his owner sees Crimson Long, everything becomes sunshine and happiness. Crimson has grown and matured into a loving and vocal cat. His daddy was a big black Persian cat but Crimson only has his daddy's gigantic paws! How did his owner decide on his name? Crimson is by birth, a Red Persian. His owner also explains that although her family lives over 1,000 kilometers away, they have all accepted Crimson as their nephew, cousin, and grandson! 

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    Mya, a Persian Kitten

    Persian Kitten
    Mya, Submitted by Her Human. © Jennifer Silva

    This is Mya, a one-year-old Persian kitten. The owner purchased Mya when she was leaving her hometown to go study elsewhere in the country. Mya keeps her company when days get lonely, makes her laugh when she's having a bad day and even helps her study! This is a picture of Mya after her first lion cut.

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    Princess, a Little Snowball of Fur

    White Persian Cat
    Princess, Submitted by Her Human. © Carol Ciurca

    This is Princess, a Persian cat who has mothered two Persian kittens. Although Princess is the sweetest, most gentle cat of all time — just like a real princess — if you try to bathe her you're in for a fight. Suddenly, Princess becomes a mountain lion with more paws than you thought possible.