56 Fun and Creative Name Suggestions for Your Pet Mouse

White Mouse and Cheese
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Mice are gentle pets that are very smart for their size. They are very quiet, don't cost much to feed, and are fun to observe. Perhaps surprisingly, mice are also well-loved animals that have become the focus of stories, fables, and cartoons as well as the bold heroes of full-length novels. As a result, you have a huge range of name options for your fuzzy little pets!

Disney Mice

Walt Disney seems to have had a passion for cartoon mice.

They are everywhere, in theme parks, movies, and cartoons. There are sidekick mice (including a whole entourage of Cinderella's little helpers) as well as full-scale movie stars. If you love Disney and mice, you have a wide range of naming options!

  1. Mickey: The corporate symbol for the Disney Corporation, Mickey (and his ears) are known around the world.
  2. Minnie: Mickey's girlfriend has her own following (and fashion statement).
  3. Steamboat Willie: Walt Disney's very first cartoon mouse, he started an empire.
  4. Miss Bianca: a smart, brave little mouse from The Rescuers Disney movies (and books)
  5. Basil of Baker Street: The Great Mouse Detective
  6. Gus-Gus: from the movie Cinderella.
  7. Roquefort: A clever little mouse from the classic movie The Aristocats
  8. Olivia Flaversham: a brave little girl mouse from The Great Mouse Detective
  9. Timothy Q. Mouse: from the movie Dumbo
  10. Feivel: the feisty mouse from American Tail

    Mouse Names from Literature and Movies

    Who knew that mice made such impressive literary characters? Here are just a few of the most famous literary mice. Many of these are also movie stars!

    1. Dormouse: of Alice in Wonderland fame
    2. Matthias: a sword-wielding mouse from the Redwall series
    3. Martin: Matthias's ancestor and inspiration
    1. Stuart Little: E.B. White's beloved New York City mouse who captured the hearts of a generation
    2. Mrs. Frisby: from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, by Robert C. O’Brien
    3. Ralph: from The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary
    4. Tucker: from The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden
    5. Frederick: from the book of the same name by Leo Lionni
    6. Maisy: from the picture books by Lucy Cousins
    7. Despereaux Tilling: from the novel Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo (also a movie)
    8. Samuel Whiskers: from the story by Beatrix Potter
    9. Poppy: from the Poppy books by Avi
    10. Geronimo Stilton: from the books of the same name

    Famous Cartoon Mice

    In addition to movie star mice, heroic mice, and literary mice, there are also plenty of cartoon mice to be found on television. Here are some of the best known:

    1. Tom: of Tom and Jerry
    2. Jerry: of Tom and Jerry
    3. Mighty Mouse
    4. Danger Mouse
    5. Speedy Gonzalez
    6. Minute Mouse
    7. Angelina Ballerina of the PBS series of the same name
    8. Itchy and Scratchy of The Simpsons
    9. Pinky: of Pinky and the Brain
    10. Brain: of Pinky and the Brain

    More Well-Known and Well-Loved Mice

    In addition to all the mice listed above, you may wish to consider one (or more!) of these namesakes!

    1. The Mouse King from The Nutcracker Suite
    2. The Country Mouse or The City Mouse from the fable of the same name
    1. The Three Blind Mice
    2. The Mouse That Roared

    Fun Mouse-Related Names

    What if your mouse just doesn't seem to connect with any of the famous rodents from literature and media? In that case, he or she might like one of these more low-key, classic mousie names:

    1. Anonymouse
    2. Squeaker (or Squeak)
    3. Nibbles
    4. Cheddar
    5. Cheesy
    6. Chuck E. Cheese
    7. Julius Cheeser
    8. Little Cheese
    9. Big Cheese
    10. Mousetrap
    11. Peanut
    12. Cashew
    13. Catnip
    14. Eeka
    15. Nutsy
    16. Nutella
    17. Walnut
    18. Whiskers
    19. Wormtail

    Pick More Than One Name

    Mice are social animals and enjoy living in groups. If you can, adopt more than one. Then, consider naming them based on a single source. For example, choose from among the many mousey names in movies like The Rescuers, The Great Mouse Detective, or the Disney universe!

    Before adopting, be sure to research mouse care. Select the appropriate cage, accessories, foods, and water bottles.

    Learn a little about mouse behavior and health. And, of course, be sure you know whether your mice are males or females. If you have one of each, you'll need to read up on mouse reproduction.