Dr. Petal Smart, DVM

Dr Petal Smart

Petal Smart is a doctor of veterinary medicine and has seven years of experience as a veterinary and medical editor. She has edited more than 700 assignments, including research studies that have been published in various academic journals, continuing medical education-training materials, and articles on pet health.


· Veterinary professional with expertise in the editing and review of veterinary, continuing medical education, and clinical/academic publications

· Editorial board member, Medical Writing, European Medical Writers Association; member of the International Association of Veterinary Editors and the American Association of Industry Veterinarians.

· Awarded the Geoff Hall Scholarship, European Medical Writers Association


After having completed a brief stint in clinical practice, Petal Smart, DVM has been an editor of materials in the biomedical and veterinary sciences since 2015. She has edited hundreds of research studies that have been published in academic journals, in addition to blog articles on pet health. More recently, she has edited continuing medical education (CME) training materials aimed at physicians and other health care professionals. 

Her pets in the past have included dogs, fish, birds, and a turtle. At times, she also likes to think of herself as a horse whisperer. 


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (with honors), The University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago

Bachelor of Science (with honors), Equine Science and Management, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Expertise: Veterinary and medical sciences; clinical research
Education: The University of the West Indies - St. Augustine
Location: Trinidad & Tobago
Title: Veterinarian and Medical Editor

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