9 Pomeranians to Follow if You Love Jiffpom

A pomeranian dressed in a blue striped shirt and looking at the camera with its tongue out.

@vegastories / Instagram

If you aren’t following Jiffpom, you’re missing out on some seriously cute Pomeranian content. Head to his page now and you’ll find tons of photos of this cutie posing for the camera and partaking in adorable activities including eating ice cream and dressing up for the holidays. He’s an internet sensation with millions of followers on Instagram and an impressive acting portfolio. He’s known to internet users across the globe.

Pet accounts on Instagram are gaining popularity, and we can see why. Their pages offer photos and videos of arguably the cutest pets in the world going about their daily lives. These accounts allow the whole world to enjoy their furry BFFs without having to commit to taking care of them 24/7. 

There are plenty of Pomeranian accounts out there that are similar to Jiffpom. But you’ll have to decide for yourself whether these Pomeranians are even more adorable than he is.

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    Kibble the Pomeranian

    A small, white pomeranian dog standing in a field of bright yellow flowers.

    @nicole_kibble / Instagram

    Take a trip to sunny southern California (virtually) and catch a glimpse of this cutie patootie by giving Kibble the Pomeranian a follow on Instagram. Kibble was a one-of-a-kind Pomeranian who lived a long life, but has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. Don’t worry, his pet parents have plenty of photos to share with the world.

    Follow Kibble on Instagram.

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    A fluffy white pomeranian in a blue suit with hearts on it and a bow tie.

    @little.miss.chanel / Instagram

    All white Pomeranians are stunning creatures, but Chanel is perhaps the most stunning of them all. This beautiful and very fluffy pup is described as a sassy lady who loves a good belly rub. That sounds about right. She’s always dressed to the nines in her Instagram photos. Chanel’s impressive bow tie collection must take up an entire closet.

    Follow Chanel on Instagram.

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    A tan pomeranian with a colorful polka dotted bonnet on.

    @lilmaisiemarie / Instagram

    Take it from Jiffpom, poms in hats are hilarious. Maisie the Pomeranian agrees. That’s why she has made wearing hats (and other funny costumes) a central part of her social media strategy. Maisie obviously loves wearing outfits and showing off her excellent modeling skills.

    Follow Maisie on Instagram.

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    Bertram the Pomeranian

    A brown pomeranian smiling while sitting in a bike basket.

    @bertiebertthepom / Instagram

    Have you ever wondered what a puppy-bear hybrid would look like? Take a look at Bertram’s feed to find the answer. Bertram the Pomeranian is darker brown in color, called a “chocolate pom,” with a haircut that makes him look just like a bear cub. Bertram is a rescue pup, adopted from Oklahoma and now living in New York City. He loves posing for the camera and wearing costumes, and he especially loves taking naps.

    Follow Bertram on Instagram.

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    A fluffy tan pomeranian with a green ball in its mouth.

    @pomeranian_kapten / Instagram

    Kapten’s motto is “good things come in small packages.” He’s not wrong. And Kapten proves it to be true through his Instagram account where his humans regularly show this fluffy boy off with hilarious photos and videos of him doing his thing. Like most dogs, he really, really loves treats. That’s probably his motivation to be such a good boy on camera.

    Follow Kapten on Instagram.

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    Oscar the Pomeranian

    A fluffy pomeranian with a brown face standing in the grass and looking up at the camera.

    @oscar_pom / Instagram

    Oscar is quite the fluffball and he knows how crazy it drives his Instagram followers. Oscar makes the crowd go wild by strutting his stuff and serving his best floofy boy looks to the camera. Join his thousands of other followers to keep tabs on all of this cutie’s adventures. You may even catch Oscar modeling an adorable outfit now and then.

    Follow Oscar on Instagram.

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    Binky the Pomeranian

    A little tan pomeranian standing in the woods.

    @dinky_binky_thepom / Instagram

    Perhaps all of the internet’s famous influencers live in London. That includes Binky, otherwise known as Dinky Binky. Binky the Pomeranian loves to zoom through London, whether that’s on the waterfront or on the busy sidewalks downtown. He’s often seen by the side of his non-pom besties, all of whom are (almost) as cute as he is.

    Follow Binky on Instagram.

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    Vegas the Pomeranian

    A pomeranian wearing round sunglasses and a colorful zip-up jacket.

    @vegastories / Instagram

    The perfectly groomed fur, the delightfully pink tongue, the perky attitude—this Pomeranian has it all. For all we know, Vegas could be Jiffpom’s twin. But besides his good looks, Vegas the Pomeranian can do some pretty impressive tricks, including doing yoga. Vegas also clearly loves posing for the camera, especially while wearing elaborate costumes, and having frequent spa days. There’s nothing this pom doesn’t do!

    Follow Vegas on Instagram.

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    Popo the Pomeranian

    A fluffy white pomeranian dog with a red Christmas bow on its head.

    @popothepom / Instagram 

    Follow Popo the Pomeranian and you’ll most definitely have a smile on your face each time you scroll past his posts in your Instagram feed. This fluffy and long-haired Pomeranian loves life—yes, even during bath time. Watch him frolic through life, often with a canine buddy by his side, and make funny faces for the camera.

    Follow Popo on Instagram.