The Most Popular Small Bird Species

Small lovebird perched on furniture

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There are many types of pet bird species to choose from, and they aren't all large parrots like Macaws. If you've been thinking about adding a small bird to your family, then there are many different species that are available for you to choose from. They each have unique traits and differences that make some types better for certain people than others, so it's important to research different species before making a decision as to which you'd like to bring home. Start here by taking a look at these popular small bird species. The more you are able to learn about the types of birds that you're interested in, the more likely you will be to choose a bird that is a good fit for your home and lifestyle.

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    Parakeets (Budgies)

    two parakeets sitting together

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    Budgerigars, more commonly known as Budgies or Parakeets, are ideal pets both for first-time bird owners and those who would just prefer a small bird. True to the typical traits of most parrots, Parakeets have the ability to learn to talk, come in an array of beautiful colors, and enjoy forming close bonds and interacting with their human caretakers. Those who are interested in a small, easy-to-care-for pet should place these birds among their top choices.

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    Parrotlet on a branch

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    As the smallest parrot species in the world, Parrotlets seem to think they have some big shoes to fill, and their personality shows it! Tame, hand-fed Parrotlets make great pets for owners who like the personalities of larger parrots but would prefer a smaller feathered friend. Like their closest relative, the huge by comparison Amazon Parrot, Parrotlets have comical and larger-than-life personalities and enjoy lots of attention and interactions from their owners. They do best in homes where their owners can spend ample time handling and playing with them, as they have a reputation for acting up when left to their own devices for too long. However, for those who have the time and resources to devote, a pet Parrotlet can be the bird of their dreams.

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    Goldfinch perched on bird feeder

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    Keeping pet Finches is a great option for those who would prefer that they not have to handle and interact with their birds. Finches are tiny, somewhat skittish birds who much prefer the companionship of other Finches to that of humans. While they are small, they do require a rather large flight cage and do best in small flocks of 3 to 5 depending on cage size. They can be a joy to watch and listen to and are one of the easiest to care for pet bird species available.

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    Two Caged Canary Birds

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    Canaries are known for their colors and beautiful songs and have been among the most popular pet bird species for many years. There are different types of Canaries to choose from, depending upon your personal tastes, but they are all a joy to watch and be around. Much like Finches, Canaries are very delicate and do not tolerate handling very well. Because of this, they are best for homes without small children or other rambunctious pets.

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    Peach-faced lovebird couple

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    True to their name, Lovebirds thrive in pairs, but can also do well when kept singly with owners who have plenty of time to socialize and interact with them. Lovebirds don't like to be alone ​and can develop behavior problems if they aren't handled much and begin to feel neglected. These birds love to play, so it's important for Lovebird owners to have plenty of toys on hand for them to tangle with. If you're thinking about bringing home one of these beautiful little parrots, it's best to make sure that you will be willing and able to spend a lot of time with your new feathered companion.