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Parrots With The Gift Of Gab

A pet parrot, also referred to as a companion bird should never be adopted due to the fact that they have the ability to talk. Some never do and not all of them have much of a talent for it. You will never know if the bird you select is ever going to talk. 

There are some species that do indeed possess more of a facility for uttering sounds that they hear, but as always, any ability is a study of one. Just because you adopt an African Grey doesn't mean she will have the learning and talking ability of Alex, the Famous African Grey who was trained by Dr. Irene Pepperberg. 

Some Greys never talk at all and some begin muttering and practicing very early on. I know of one African Grey that never uttered a word for the first eleven years of her life and then ended up to be a chatterbox, rapidly learning sounds and phrases she heard in her daily life. 

Rather, a parrot should be adopted due to their ability to bond with you and your family, the companionship you receive from having a bird in your home and their ability to crawl into your heart. 

If you are interested in learning more about some of the most popular talking pet bird species, then look no further than the information listed below. Each of these species is known for a better talking ability than most other species. They are known for their intelligence, and they each make interesting companion parrots. Explore the links below to discover some of the world's most likely gifted avian speakers.

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    African Grey Parrots

    Some African Greys Can Talk
    Some African Greys Can Talk. retales botijero/Getty Images

    Renowned for their vocabularies and clarity of speech, the intelligent African Grey is high up on many bird lovers' wish lists. Most African Greys have the ability to learn a few words; some boast vocabularies of up to 500 words and phrases. The most famous African Grey was Alex who was absolutely amazing!

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    Amazon Parrots

    Amazons Are Also Famous Talkers
    Amazons Are Also Famous Talkers. Krysia Campos/Getty Images

    Most Amazon Parrots are quite vocal and enjoy learning new words, phrases, and sounds. These quick-witted and comical birds are fast to pick up on things that you say to them, and for this reason, many Amazon owners insist that you "watch your language" around their feathered friends

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    Indian Ringneck Parakeets

    Indian Ringneck Parrot
    Indian Ringneck Parrot. Neha Gupta/Getty Images

    Indian Ringneck Parakeets can speak so clearly that the monks in their native land once held them as sacred after hearing one of the birds repeat the prayers that they said every day in the garden of their monastery. In fact, many videos can be found online of Ringnecks reciting complicated and lengthy excerpts of books, poetry, and scripture. If you are looking for a bird that can talk big without being big, this mid-sized parrot may be the one for you.

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    Quaker Parakeets

    Bo Chambers
    Quaker Parrots Are Also Called Monk Parakeets. Bo Chambers/Getty Images

    Quaker Parrots are an enormously popular species to keep as a companion bird. While they are petite birds, they have a ton of personality and they are considered a big bird in a small package. They love being the center of attention and adapt well to family life. They are a raucous bird that loves to play and hop from perch to perch. They are fairly easy to train and many speak very well. As they are a smaller bird, they tend to be popular with people who live in apartments or smaller dwellings. They are an active little bird that indeed can learn to speak and interact with you. 

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    Parakeets (Budgerigars)

    Captivating Little Birds
    Captivating Little Birds. jeridu/Getty Images

    They have tiny, gravelly voices, but Parakeets can actually learn as many words and phrases as some larger parrot species. If you want a talking bird without having to provide a huge amount of space, consider one of these colorful little jewels. Proper training and socialization can provide you with a friendly little talker that is not afraid of being the center of attention. 

Be Careful What You Wish For

Having a companion bird in your home is a big responsibility. And having birds is a lot of work. But the gifts you receive in return are enormous. If you enjoy interacting with your animal companions and think having a parrot that talks would be fun, well, you would be right. But remember: You cannot control what they learn from their environment, what they say at certain times and you cannot control when they say it. They do not have a "mute button." They will speak when they feel the need to. But by learning the science of applied behavior analysis and positive reinforcement training, you can indeed train a parrot that wants to vocalize to speak on cue. And that is so much fun to learn and to teach.

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