Potassium Permanganate

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Potassium Permanganate

Other Names

Condy's crystals, permanganate of potash


Algicide, antiseptic, disinfectant, oxidizing agent,

History & Uses 

Potassium permanganate was first described in 1659. Two hundred years later a chemist created a disinfectant by fusing pyrolusite with NaOH and dissolving it in water. His creation, termed Condy’s Fluid, was marketed as a disinfectant. Today potassium permanganate is used in a variety of applications from antiseptic applications for treating sores to use in survival kits as a fire starter.

In aquaculture potassium permanganate is often used as a disinfectant in net dips, to kill snails, combat algae overgrowth, and to clear cloudiness and odors in aquarium water. It is also useful to treat Columnaris infections.

  • Flexibacter Columnaris - commonly called cotton-wool disease, produces fluffy mold-like lesions
  • Net Disinfectant
  • Plant Dip – Will kill snails on live plants
  • Water Clarifier - Removes odors and cloudiness due to organic waste
  • Wound disinfectant

Brightwell RedoxIclean

  • Manufacturer's Directions for Use: Read instructions completely before use. Do not overdose. RedoxIclean improves water quality by raising the redox potential (ORP) in the aquarium. Do not use: in systems lacking adequate latent organic material to react with; in systems less than 30-days old; within 12-hours of performing a water change of more than 25% of the total system volume; in aquaria that are dosed with a "time-release" iodine supplement (such as Brightwell Aquatics Iodion; Lugol's is safe to use with this supplement. If you are unsure as to whether the iodine you are using has this feature, contact the supplement's manufacturer for details.); in aquaria actively employing chelated copper medications; in aquaria employing chelated iron for plant supplementation. Remove activated carbon from the system prior to use, and discontinue ozone use for 7 days prior to addition of RedoxIclean to a system. Wait two days after addition of new livestock before using RedoxIclean in the system. Use RedoxIclean of may temporarily discolor water a shade of magenta, which will then become tea-colored as organic material is oxidized; the water will gradually become clear afterward. Use of activated carbon after dosing RedoxIclean will speed the clarifying process. Do not allow ORP to exceed ~450 mV. To neutralize immediately, add an equal volume of Erase-Cl to the system in an area of high water flow.
  • Marine Aquaria: Add up to 15 drops (~0.75 ml) per 50 US-gallons (189 L) twice daily at intervals of at least 12 hours, for up to 10 consecutive days. If invertebrates appear to close their polyps or shells, then decrease dosage by 50% and employ for up to 20 consecutive days. Allow at least 7 days before re-dosing.
  • Freshwater Aquaria: Add up to 15 drops (~0.75 ml) per 25 US-gallons (94.6 L) once daily for up to 7 consecutive days. Allow at least 7 days before re-dosing.
  • In general, relatively high ORP is associated with good water quality; the converse is generally true of relatively low ORP. If the source of excess organic material impacting the system's water quality is known or readily accessible and removable, it should be physically removed from the system (and not left to decompose) as quickly as possible to facilitate the fastest improvement in water quality. Note that although RedoxIclean will immediately begin reacting with organic material to lessen its' impact on the aquarium inhabitants, it should not be thought of as a "silver bullet" that will cure all problems associated with a sudden, massive spike in organics; it is highly unlikely that any single approach, aside from making an immediate large-scale water change and removing all visible traces of latent particulate organic material, will accomplish this task before a negative impact on aquarium inhabitants is noticed. Therefore, no warranties, implied or otherwise, are made as to the ability of this supplement to prevent the associated impact on inhabitants that is the result of poor water quality. Ultimately, it is up to each hobbyist to properly care for their aquaria. This includes limiting the rate of input of nutrients such as phosphate.
  • Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If in eyes, flush for 15 minutes with water, including under eyelids. If ingested, give large quantities of water. Contact a physician immediately. Wash off of skin immediately; contact with skin or organic fibers will result in a stain.

Jungle Clear Water

  • Manufacturer's Directions for Use: Use 2 oz. (59 mL),1 tsp./10 U.S. gal. (5 mL/40 L),120 U.S. gal. 450 L) If using any other water conditioner or treatments, wait 48 hours before using this product. Remove activated carbon during use. Water may turn dark at first but will clear within a few hours. If cloudiness has not cleared in 48 hours, treat again