Getting Started With Your Puppy

Puppies are great fun but also a great responsibility. This new addition to your family will require lots of love, attention and plenty of supplies. To get you started, we'll help with training, discipline, play time and everything in between.
Black puppy sitting on a potty training pad
Learn How to Use Potty Pads to Help Potty Train Your Puppy
Signs of Bloat in Puppies
How to Prevent Bloat in Your Puppy
Brown puppy chewing on blue knot rope
How to Stop Your Puppy From Eating Everything
Light brown and fluffy puppy playing under crochet blanket
Puppy Development From 6 Months to 1 Year
A shih tzu puppy in a dog bed
Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Puppy
Puppy chewing a toy
What to Do When Your Puppy Swallows a Foreign Object
Boxer Puppy in Rear Seat of Car
What to Do When Your Puppy Gets Diarrhea
How to Keep Your Puppy from Barking
10 Ways to Help Stop a Puppy Dog From Barking
Bulldog puppy panting in man's arms
The First 30 Days With Your New Puppy
Puppy at the Veterinarian's Office
Learn How to Recognize, Prevent, and Treat Distemper in Puppies
White labrador puppy sitting on spotted dog bed
Puppies 101: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Puppy
Light brown and fluffy puppy sitting while looking up and covered in snow
Caring for Your Puppy From Ages 3 to 6 Months
Black puppy sitting next to pink tub, towel and pet shampoo for bathing
13 Steps to Giving Your Puppy a Bath
Dog playing with toy
Learn How and When to Induce Vomiting in a Puppy
how to stop aggression in puppies
Is Your Puppy Showing Signs of Conflict Aggression?
Female veterinarian holding a thermometer with a dog.
How to Take Your Puppy's Temperature
English Bulldog
Why Is My Puppy Going Bald? What to Know About Demodectic Mange
Four days old puppy
Puppy Development From Newborn to One Week Old
how to introduce a puppy and older dog
How to Introduce a New Puppy to an Older Dog
Causes for Vomiting in Puppies
Why Puppies Vomit and How to Treat Them
Black and white puppy scratching itch in middle of grass field with small white flowers
What to Do if Your Puppy Is Scratching and Itching
Dog sitting near a tiny suitcase
How to Treat Puppy Separation Anxiety
illustration of how to crate train a puppy
Key Tips for Crate Training Your Puppy
Black puppy lying on wooden floor to measure temperament
Tests to Predict Puppy Temperament and Personality
German shepherd puppy
What Are the Signs of Hip Dysplasia in Puppies?
Puppy looking into camera
How to Keep Your Puppy From Getting Sick
french bulldog scooting on carpet
Tips to Express a Puppy's Anal Glands
Golden retriever puppy
Use Dog Language to Communicate With Your Puppy
Portrait of Dog On Raft In Swimming Pool
10 Ways to Keep Puppies Cool in Summer
Puppy eating
Causes and Natural Remedies for Puppy Constipation
Black puppy standing on back legs while owner holds front legs to prevent jumping
10 Expert Tips to Ground Jumping Jack Puppies
Smart young Westie puppy full of energy tugs on her leash.
Learn How to Leash Train a Puppy
Puppy in the grass
How to Treat Tick Bites on Puppies
Puppies and baby
Puppy Meets Baby: 12 Tips for Successful Introductions
Dogs on leash with harness and collars
The Pros and Cons of a Dog Harness or Collar
illustration of why to spay or neuter puppies
What's the Best Age to Spay or Neuter Your Puppy?
Vet vaccinating a bulldog in a vet's office.
What Vaccinations Does Your Dog Really Need?
Illustration of puppy teething timeline
How to Know When Your Puppy's Adult Teeth Are Coming In
Black, brown and white puppy eating people food mixed with dog food in metal bowl
9 Tasty Table Treats for Puppies
Terrier resting on grass
Walking Your Puppy When It's Too Hot Outside
What to Do When Your Puppy Needs a Blood Transfusion
Puppy Communication
Decoding Your Puppy's Whines, Whimpers, Barks and Other Sounds
Dog's paw with an IV fluid and bandage.
What You Need to Know About Giving Puppies Subcutaneous Fluids at Home
Rottweiler puppy inside its crate with a blue toy.
Options for Teaching Your Puppy to "Hold It" While You're Away
A woman and her pet dog inspect a pet hotel in Japan
What You Need to Know About Puppy Boarding and Dog Sitters
A puppy on a leash being walked down a path
How to Housetrain Your Puppy in Easy Steps
puppy eating
When to Stop Feeding Your Dog Puppy Food
A shih tzu puppy playing
Understanding the Different Ways That Puppies Play
Fluffy puppy smiling in red collar
Your Dog's Big First-Year Milestones and Beyond
Young dog running outdoors
Great Tips to Train Your Puppy to Come
Dachsund puppy looking up at camera
Puppy Strangles: What It Is and What You Can Do to Treat It
Vet And Bulldog Puppy Looking At Each Other
What Shots Does Your Puppy Need and When?
Portrait of puppy lying down on sofa
How to Establish a New "Puppy Routine"
Boy Training Pup
Successfully Train Your Dog With Modern Puppy Training Techniques
Young spaniel puppy beginning its training
What to Expect at Puppy Kindergarten
Child sitting with puppy
How to Train a New Puppy to Get Along With Kids
German Shepherd puppy with woman
How to Puppy Proof Your Home
Portrait Of Dog In Vets Office
When to Take Your Puppy to The Vet
Shar-Pei Pitbull Puppy Laying on Couch
How to Save Your Puppy When It's Choking
puppies playing in the yard
How to Stop Puppies From Fighting