How to Care for Pet Rabbits

Learn how properly care for your rabbit and follow our tips and advice for being a responsible rabbit owner.
Domestic rabbit sitting in a cage
Why Do Rabbits Eat Their Own Poop?
White baby rabbits in a nest
Here's How to Tell If Your Rabbit Has a Bunny (or 14!) in the Oven
Black and white rabbit on examination table at vet's.
What are the Most Commonly Seen Rabbit Diseases?
Rabbit scratching self
9 Things That May Cause Your Pet Rabbit to Itch
Black and gray rabbit outside and held up by stomach
How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost to Care For?
Pet Rabbit
Learn How to Bunny Proof Your Home
sick pet rabbit
Catching Common Signs of Illness in Rabbits
Small rabbit on white background
Is it a Problem if Your Rabbit is Obese?
Black and white rabbit sitting on grass with mouth open surrounded by wire fence
The Surprising Sounds of Rabbits
Gray rabbit sitting outside next to pet bowl with rabbit food
Why Won't My Pet Rabbit Eat?
homemade rabbit toys
The Best Toys to Keep Your Rabbit Entertained and Engaged
rabbit hutch plans
Free DIY Woodworking Plans for Building a Rabbit Hutch
Gray and black rabbit being rubbed on its stomach
How to Care for a Pet Rabbit
newborn kit
Saving Baby Rabbits Found Cold
Rabbits of different colors lined up
An Overview of Rabbit Fur Colors and Patterns
Black rabbit's eye closeup
Rabbit Eyes Are Sensitive and Prone to Health Problems
Brown rabbit in cage with water bottle and white litter box on grass lawn
Tips to Make Cleaning Your Rabbit Cage Easy
Close up of a dwarf rabbit
Why Does Your Rabbit Have a Head Tilt?
Adorable bunny on the visit to the vet.
Learn How to Safely Trim Your Rabbit's Nails
Boy at the veterinarian with a bunny on the exam table
Reasons Why Your Pet Rabbit Is Limping
Brushing Rabbit
Why You Have to Brush Your Bunny
Rabbit sitting on grass
How to Treat Rabbit Ileus, a Common GI Disorder
understanding rabbit behavior
Understanding Rabbit Behavior and Body Language
Profile of a medium hair grey and white rabbit
43 Rabbit Breeds to Keep as Pets
Lop-eared rabbit
Learn About the Different Kinds of Lop-Eared Rabbits
A rabbit with myxomatosis
Prevent Myxomatosis From Harming Your Pet Rabbit
Rabbit in the wild
Is It Okay to Set My Pet Rabbit Free?
The little rabbit
How to Choose the Right Cage for Your Indoor Rabbit
Mother and sons petting a rabbit
What Kinds of Tumors Occur in Pet Rabbits?
Soft Furry Rabbits
Tips on Building Your Own Rabbit Cage
Cute rabbit
Learn How to Make Your Rabbit Stop Digging up Your Carpet
Close-Up Of Rabbit In A Cage
How Can You Keep Your Rabbit From Getting a Hairball?
The Joy of Living with Pets
How You Can Litter Train Your Rabbit
Rabbit poking nose through cage bars
Reasons Why Rabbits Chew and How to Stop It
Rat laying down curled up
What Is Bumblefoot in a Pet Rat?
Close up of sleeping baby gray bunny in hands
How to Handle the Spaying or Neutering of a Rabbit
Angora rabbit on straw
Learn More About the Wooled Breeds of Angora Rabbits
Pet rabbit
Pet Rabbit Names That Start With 'A' Through 'E'
White Angora rabbit laying down
Tips for Grooming Pet and Show Angora Rabbits
Lop-eared rabbit
The Signs and Symptoms of Seizures in Rabbits
Rabbit food pebbles in blue bowl and straw laying on wood
What Should You Feed Your Rabbit?
Close-Up Of Rabbit Against White Background
How to Treat Your Rabbit for Lice
Bunny Jean Young - Rabbit
What Is the Best Way to Care for Rabbits While on Vacation?
Dwarf rabbit with mouth open showing its teeth.
What to Do if Your Rabbit Has Overgrown Teeth
Gray rabbit eating carrots with green tops
What Wood Can My Rabbit Chew?
Rabbit in car
How to Go on a Road Trip With Your Rabbit