Picture Gallery of Ragdoll Cats

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    Fiona, a Blue Point Ragdoll Cat

    White Ragdoll Cat
    © Teresa A. Schlinger

    Ragdolls are said to have been named for their proclivity to relax entirely when held. The Ragdoll adores its humans, and would generally prefer to be wherever you are. Don't be surprised to have a Ragdoll shadow as you go from room to room, talking to you in her sweet musical voice. Ragdolls are considered ideal pets, getting along well with children, dogs, and other cats, and are equally happy in a one-human household, as long as you give them the affection they need and deserve. 

    Fiona came from a wonderful breeder in Iowa. Born on St. Patrick's Day, she is a blue point Ragdoll and about two-years-old. Her owners call her "The Princess" because although she is the household's youngest cat, she is "top cat" because she always manages to get the coveted top position on the cat tree she shares with the owner's three other cats.

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    Sophie, a Laid-Back Ragdoll

    Ragdoll Cat
    © Music City Kitty Ragdoll

    Sophie lays around like this often​ and is very playful. Ragdolls are the most loving and laid-back cats one could ever want to own, as you can see from this photo of her lounging away.

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    Jeff, a Docile Companion Cat

    Ragdoll Cat
    © Serena Ponsonby

    Jeff, or more formally called by his full name, Tialuciana Kobe, is a two-year-old Ragdoll cat who lives in York, U.K. Jeff has a feline roommate, a ginger tomcat. Ragdoll cats are famous for being docile and floppy when picked up. They have a lovely temperament and like to sleep on their backs.

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    Kodi, a Silvery Ragdoll Cat

    Ragdoll Cat in Window
    © Barbara Pierce

    Kodi, also known as Kodiblue, is a Ragdoll cat that lives with a silver ​tabby, Mr. Levi-J-Cat, and two little girl mini doxies, Tootie and Mashugina. His pet companions think he is a big fat mini doxie. As a wee baby, they helped his owner feed him from a bottle, by licking all the spilled milk off of him and showing him how to suck on the bottle. Fast-forward a few years, and they no longer lick him; they stay out of his way as he swaggers through the room.

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    Raisin, a Talented Ragdoll

    Ragdoll Kitten
    © Barbara Pierce

    The full name of this lovely cat is Raisin-Gorbie. She is about four-months-old in this picture but has since developed into a large and highly intelligent cat with beautiful dark markings on her back. Raisin has been trained to "shake a paw," which she does on command and seems quite proud of herself whenever she does it!

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    Chloe, the Q-Tip Loving Ragdoll

    Ragdoll Cat Standing
    © Jamie White

    Chloe is a Ragdoll cat that is just under two years of age. She is a loving, cuddly breadth of joy to her owners. Chloe has a funny affinity for q-tips and tries to get to them whenever she can! Her owner keeps them away because of the safety risk. In this picture, Chloe is trying quite hard to nab a q-tip out of her owner's hand.

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    Vanilla, a Ragdoll That's Anything But

    White Ragdoll Cat
    © Emily

    This Ragdoll cat's name is Vanilla, and he's five-years-old. Vanilla is his owner's first cat, and he is absolutely adored. Vanilla is rather talkative, and chats non-stop, sometimes even talking in his sleep!

    In the morning, he will come to the bed to wake up his owner, so he's also a natural alarm clock. At night, he will bring his toys to play fetch. He has always been wary of strangers; it takes him a long time (months of daily contact) to get comfortable with people. Needless to say, his company is hard-earned. He makes his owner feel very special and loved.

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    Ezra and Emma, Two Peas In a Pod

    Ragdoll Cats On a Tower
    © Judy Fetty

    These two cats are named Emma and Ezra and are Seal Bicolor and Seal Mitted Ragdolls. It's amazing how they grow, at just two months old, they could hide and sleep together in their cat tree. But a few months later, they drape over the edges, almost too big for the cat tree!

    This owner knew Ragdolls were for her after reading about them. Ezra and Emma are sisters from the same litter, which made the transition to their new home easy. 

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    Baby, a Ragdoll with Himalayan Coloring

    Himalayan Ragdoll
    © Eric MacDuff

    Baby is a Ragdoll that was given to his current owner by a friend after he was rescued from a shelter. Having never seen the cat before, his owner couldn't believe her eyes when she saw him for the first time. He was the most beautiful cat that she had ever seen. Baby is a Ragdoll with perfect Himalayan coloring; he's huge and weighs in at about 15 pounds. He is very smart and follows his owner everywhere. He is unbelievably soft, well tempered and well behaved. He comes when he is called and plays with his owner outside.​