Kittens vs Puppies: 10 Reasons Puppies Are Better

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    Dogs vs Cats

    Kitten and labrador puppy
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    As an equal opportunity pet lover, it's hard for me to choose one over the other. Still, the world seems to be divided into "cat people" and "dog people, own " and there are very good reasons for that. Dogs and cats want very different things out of life, behave differently, offer very different looks, and require different kinds of care. Responsible owners choose their pick-of-the-litter based on these pet's needs as well as their preferences. After all, when you bring a...MORE furry wonder into your heart, you want that partnership to last a lifetime of shared love.

    So if you're on the furry fence about whether to adopt a cat or a puppy, here's some help to make the right decision. In the spirit of full disclosure--and a lot of tongue-in-cheek fun--here are my 10 reasons why puppies are the better choice for puppy-lovers.

    Never let it be said that I took unfair advantage. After all, my Seren-kitty knows where I sleep! All you cat lovers can hiss-and-spit about it, and check out the cat side's arguments.

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    10. Puppies Don't Need No "Stinking" Litter Box

    Darla and Willie
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    Puppies and especially adult dogs know better than to poop in the house--even in a box. With proper potty training, your puppy will grow up into a well-mannered dog able to alert you to his "creative" needs and get-er-done outside, in the grass, where such things belong. You won't need to remember about scooping a litter box, keeping it in the right spot or dealing with fractious felines fighting over the facilities or having litter box woes.

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    9. Puppies Don't Claw-Mark Furniture

    Close-Up Of english bulldog Puppy Lying Down On Gravel
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    Everyone knows how destructive those kitty claws can be, and some humans simply don't have the patience to provide proper claw targets for a cat. No need to worry about claw damage with a puppy! He may kick up some dirt now and then when he digs--but outside, where it's appropriate! Oh...uhm...Just remember to provide plenty of legal chew toys. though. A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do!

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    8. Puppies Have No Weird Herbal Addiction

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    Dogs don't get drunk on catnip or get all weird when they sniff foreign substances. Sniffing gym socks doesn't count, and neither does rolling on something ripe because it's not like they drool and flop like foolish felines! Toys don't count, either. A pup can never have too many balls. That's not an addiction; that's a fact.

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    7. Puppies Love Adventure & Sports

    Cats, poor souls, are furry stick-in-the-muds that adore the status quo. BOR-ING! Puppies collect sticks OUT of the mud, live for the rough-and-tumble adventure and can't wait to sniff what's just around the bend. They'll eagerly chase a car or jump in for a drive (and help you steer), run a marathon by your side, flush a bunny just for you, and even go skijoring or any dog-sport you can imagine. At the mere thought of a car ride, felines turn into scaredy-cats and hiss in their...MORE furry britches!

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    6. Puppies Won't Leave Dead Mice On Your Pillow

    Miniature long haired daschund puppy asleep on bed
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    They could if they wanted to. Because puppies grow up to be more than 400 different breeds, from tiny-fit-in-your-hand-or-apartment size to ginormous pony-ride-round-up-the-buffalo size pooches. Some terrier breeds are considered even better at keeping vermin at bay than cats! There are 10 times as many dog breeds as there are cat breeds, and canines come in so many sizes, shapes, coat types and breed-specific tendencies that people can find a perfect pooch to match any whim. Cats have few size...MORE variations--from about 3 pounds to 25 pounds--but nothing close to the jumbo-size lap-sitting cart-toting canines.

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    5. Puppies Don't Produce Nasty Hairballs

    French bulldog licking dirty dishes
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    Puppies aren't neatness freaks like cats, lick-lick-licking themselves until all that swallowed fur URKS up in a slick nasty mess you find barefoot at 3 a.m. Nope, puppies, are less concerned about their own appearance--a game of hose-tag or going for a swim keeps them happy, while cats hate water, go figure! Besides that, puppies are eager to help you keep the house tidy. Your puppy offers helpful licks-and-promises especially when it comes time to clear off dinner dishes. Puppies are super...MORE helpful that way. Cats, on the other paw, are just as likely to snub a full bowl of gourmet goodies if not presented

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    4. Puppies Love Tummy Rubs

    Fluffy white dog laying on lounge
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    Adult dogs love tummy rubs, too. But a cat--oh, they're such teases! Even when a cat rolls over, you're never quite sure if she's inviting a pat or just getting those claws ready to nail you! Sure, puppies roll over and bare their cute lil' nekkid bellies as a way to declare they're no threat. It's one of their endearing ways how dogs communicate deference to the people they love.

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    3. Puppy Breath & Puppy Kisses Are Awesome!

    wo Puppies Kissing Each Other Outside, Front View, Differential Focus
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    I'm not saying cats don't give kisses. But their sandpaper tongue lick-lick-licking your nose at 5 a.m. isn't quite the same sensation as the milky breath puppy jumping up to give smooches aimed at your face. They mean different things, too. The cat lick-lick-licking you is a compliment, of course, and is the feline version of returning the petting favor by grooming you, and that's one-way cats show their affection. With puppy kisses, the message means, "you're the...MORE boss!" Cats may love us, but they don't do deference.

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    2. Puppies Can Become Service Dogs

    Poodle service dog opening a refrigerator with a handle
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    Puppies and dogs are famous for the wide range of skills and tasks for which they can be trained. Cats certainly are smart--in a different way--and also can be trained. The health benefits people get from dogs AND cats (and vice versa) is without question. But for other-abled people wanting a certified assistance animal, dogs win paws down.

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    1. Puppies Provide Unconditional Love

    Girl hugging dog in autumn leaves
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    Bottom line, the #1 reason we share our lives and hearts with any pet--the love that we feel for them and that they return. Cats love people, too, but are much less forgiving of slights. Ignore a cat, and she'll ignore you back. Go on vacation, and the cat takes a while to warm back up to you. Puppies, though, come equipped with a forgiving heart and--even when ill-treated--they still love us, warts and bad breath and stinky socks and all. Wait...they may actually love us more because of the...MORE stinky socks!