Caring for Reptiles & Amphibians

Learn to care for reptiles and amphibians. We'll be your guide to pet frogs, snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and more.
cute lizard
8 Cute Reptiles That Will Change Your Mind About These Pets
Lizard in the terrarium
These Are the Bedding and Substrate Options for Your Pet Reptiles
Bearded dragon
What Should You Do With Your Reptile When You Go on Vacation?
Rough green snake
100 Unique Names for Pet Snakes
Brazilian Rainbow Boa on driftwood and moss
The 5 Best Bedding Options for Your Pet Snake
A ball python
What Do Ball Pythons Eat and How Can You Get Them to Eat?
Corn Snake from the Lower Florida Keys
Find Out If a Pet Corn Snake Is Right for You
Old snake skin shed off a python
Watch For These Signs That Your Snake Is About to Shed Its Skin
how to tell the sex of a snake
Is Your Snake a Boy or a Girl? Learn How to Sex Your Snake
Corn snake up close
Find Out Which Pet Snake Is Right for You
Pet corn snake
Why Your Pet Snake May Not Be Eating
Close-up of snake on leaf
Treating Retained Eye Caps on Shedding Snakes
A snake ready to devour a mouse
What Size Prey Should You Feed Your Snake?
Corn snake in hand
Why Is My Snake Hissing?
Ball Python Lighting and Heating Needs illustration
What Are Ball Python Lighting and Heating Needs?
Corn snake eating
How to Get Your Snake to Eat Frozen Mice and Other Prey
Ball python being pet and held by a girl.
Do Snakes Like Being Pet and How Do You Know They Like It?
Close-Up Of Snake On Tree
What Kind of Lights Does Your Pet Snake Need?
Portrait Of Snake On Womans Hand
What is Mouth Rot and How is It Treated?
Hand holding snake
Can Your Pet Snake Hear You?
Man holding pet snake
Is it Better to Feed Snakes Pre-Killed Prey or Live Prey?
Chameleon sitting in terrarium
What Plants Are Safe for Your Reptile or Amphibian?
Make a Humidity Hide Box for Your Pet Reptile
Hognose snake up close.
How Do You Care for a Hognose Snake?
pet snake breeds
What Types of Snakes Make the Most Popular Pets?
Red tail boa on a branch with leaves in the background
How Do You Care for a Pet Red Tail Boa?
Western Hognosed Snake
A Guide to Caring for Hognose Snakes as Pets
Boa Imperator
How Do You Care for a Central American Boa?
King Snake by the curb
Everything You Need to Know About Pet Kingsnakes and Milk Snakes
Boa constrictor
A Guide to Caring for Boa Constrictors as Pets
Reticulated python on a man's arm.
How Do You Care for a Reticulated Python as a Pet?
Boy with ball python
Find out How to Care for Ball Pythons as Pets
Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus), curled up, close up
Caring for a 200-Pound Burmese Python Isn't for the Faint of Heart
Rough green snake
How Do You Care for a Pet Green Snake?
Green Tree Python
What to Know Before You Get a Green Tree Python
Black rat snake
A Guide to Caring for Black Rat Snakes as Pets
Overhead view of an African fat-tailed gecko.
How Do You Care for an African Fat-Tailed Gecko
leopard gecko
Guide to Keeping Leopard Geckos as Pets
Crested gecko with gray eyes and light brown brown skin climbing twig closeup
What You Should Know About the Crested Gecko
how to sex your leopard gecko illustration
Is Your Leopard Gecko a Boy or a Girl?
Bright green and orange gecko laying on bamboo pole
How Do You Care for the Different Kinds of Pet Geckos?
Bright green and orange striped day gecko climbing on pole
What Kind of Care Do Day Geckos Need?
Yellow leopard gecko on white paper towel being fed a grub
What to Do if Your Leopard Gecko Stops Eating
Close-up of leopard gecko eye
What to Do if Your Leopard Gecko Has Eye Issues
Pet bearded dragon
How Do You Pick a Pet Reptile?
Leopard Gecko on a substrate
Choosing a Leopard Gecko Substrate
Common house gecko
Caring for Pet Common House Geckos
different colors of leopard geckos illustration
What Colors Do Leopard Geckos Come In?
High yellow Leopard gecko, Eublepharis macularius, in front of white background
What to Do if Your Leopard Gecko Has Armpit Bubbles
A close up of a Tokay Gecko
A Guide to Caring for Tokay Geckos as Pets
Leopard gecko coming out from under rocks.
How Can You Make Habitat That Your Leopard Gecko Loves?
Leopard gecko on a hand outside.
Do Leopard Geckos Need UVB?
Gargoyle Gecko
Garygoyle Gecko: Species Profile
Panther gecko
A Guide to Caring for Panther Geckos as Pets
Leopard Gecko
Common Pet Gecko Types for Beginners
Giant cave gecko
Here's What Happens When a Gecko Loses its Tail
White-Lined Gecko
A Guide to Caring for Pet White-Lined Geckos
Gekko ulikovskii
The Best Way to Care for Your Pet Golden Geckos
leopard gecko eating insect
What Do Geckos Eat?
Small turtle with red and yellow stripes walking in grass
How Long Do Turtles Live?