82 Russian Cat Names

Browse our list of strong and beautiful cat names inspired by Russia

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If you are looking for a different or unusual name for your new kitten or adult cat, Russian cat names are an excellent choice. Russia’s beautiful language and interesting history and culture provides many great name ideas for your cat or kitten. 

You might also be surprised to find out that Russia is the homeland of several cat breeds. Many people are familiar with the silver-haired Russian Blue cat and the plush-coated Siberian cat, but some Russian cat breeds are rare and exotic, such as the hairless Donskoy cat and the Kurilian Bobtail, which has a naturally stumpy, pom-pom tail.

Whether you own a Russian cat breed, have Russian roots yourself or just like Russia, a Russian moniker is unique and fitting for almost any cat.

Tips for Choosing Russian Cat Names

Consider your cat’s unique traits like color, sex and personality when choosing his or her new name. Many Russian names are variations of names from other languages, but with a Russian twist. Knowing the meaning of a name you like can help you decide if the name is a good fit for your cat. 

The possibilities for Russian names for cats is practically endless, but you have to start somewhere, so we’ve pulled together 82 great Russian cat names, complete with meanings and broken down by male and female. Just for fun, we have also added some Russian names that are exceptionally fitting for cats, and suited to cats and kittens of all ages, sizes, colors and genders. Have fun browsing our Russian cat name lists as you search for your new kitten or cat’s unique Russian name!

Russian Cat Names for Male Cats

Classic masculine Russian names are wonderful choices for boy cats and kittens. Here are just a few ideas for your consideration:

  • Aleksandr (defender of mankind)
  • Alek (short for Aleksandr)
  • Alyosha (nickname for Aleksandr)
  • Arseni (manly)
  • Bazhen (wish)
  • Dima (nickname for Dmitry)
  • Evgeni (well born)
  • Feodor (gift from God)
  • Feliks (Russian form of Felix, meaning “lucky”)
  • Grisha (nickname for Grigory, which means “watchful”)
  • Igor (warrior of peace)
  • Ivan (God is gracious)
  • Konstantin (constant, steadfast)
  • Kostya (nickname for Konstantin)
  • Luka (Russian form of Lucas or Luke, meaning “light”)
  • Maksim (greatest)
  • Mikhail (follower of god)
  • Misha (a form of Michael, which means “who is like the Lord.” In Russian, Misha also means bear cub)
  • Mstislav (vengeance and glory)
  • Nikolai (a form of Nicholas, meaning “victorious” or “conqueror of the people”) 
  • Pyotr (Russian form of Peter, meaning “rock”)
  • Stanislav (standing in glory)
  • Valentin (strong, vigorous)
  • Vladimir (of great power, ruler of the world)
  • Vladislav (rules in glory)
  • Volya (will, freedom)
  • Yaroslav (fierce and glorious)

Russian Cat Names for Female Cats

Try out one of these feminine Russian names for your girl cat or kitten. With so many lovely names, it might be hard to choose:

  • Alyonushka (nickname for Yelena)
  • Anastasia (resurrection)
  • Anna (grace)
  • Anya (nickname for Anna)
  • Bronislava (protection and glory)
  • Darya (possessing good)
  • Dasha (nickname for Darya)
  • Dunya (well pleased)
  • Ekaterina (pure)
  • Evgenia (Russian form of Eugenia, meaning “noble”)
  • Fedora (gift of God)
  • Galina (calm, tranquil)
  • Irina (peace)
  • Isidora (gift of Isis)
  • Katenka (nickname for Ekaterina)
  • Katya (pure)
  • Lena (nickname for Yelena)
  • Ludmila (love of the people)
  • Margosha (Russian form of Margaret, meaning “pearl”)
  • Marina (from the sea)
  • Masha (nickname for Maria)
  • Mila (dear)
  • Nadezhda (hope)
  • Nadina (hope)
  • Nataliya (version of Natasha; means born on Christmas day)
  • Olya (hearty, holy)
  • Rada (pleased)
  • Slava (glory)
  • Sonya (wisdom)
  • Svetlana (luminescent)
  • Tanya (praiseworthy)
  • Yelena (shining light)

More Russian Cat Names (Just for Fun)

Naming your cat “kitten” or “lion” is far from boring when you do it in another language. From names that express your love and admiration of cats, to names that are a play on words, check out these Russian cat name ideas taken from simple definitions that can suit almost cats perfectly:

  • Anatoly (sunrise)
  • Anton (worthy of praise)
  • Boris (wolf)
  • Gena (noble)
  • Igor (warrior)
  • Koshka (female cat)
  • Koshechka (female kitten)
  • Kot (male cat)
  • Kotik (male kitten)
  • Lev (lion)
  • Lyubov (love)
  • Milan (dear)
  • Myshka (little mouse)
  • Pavel (small, humble)
  • Pasha (nickname for Pavel)
  • Polina (little)
  • Rufina (red haired)
  • Rybka (little fish)
  • Solnyshko (small sun)
  • Timur (iron)
  • Zolotse (gold)
  • Zoya (life)
  • Zvezda (star)

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