Saltwater Fish Aquariums & Habitat

We'll be your guide to marine aquariums and habitat, including how to maintain a healthy aquatic environment for your fish and how to find the right tank equipment.
Saltwater reef habitat
How Aquarium Lighting Affects Coral Health
Checklist for Starting a Saltwater Aquarium at Home
What You Need to Start a Saltwater Aquarium
Cleaner Shrimp
Acclimating Saltwater Aquarium Fish With the Drip Line Method
Seaweed (macroalgae) under the water
How to Cultivate Macroalgae in Your Saltwater Aquarium
building a refugium
Use These Tips to Create a Saltwater Aquarium Refugium
A brain coral.
Here Are 12 Easy Saltwater Aquarium Reef Corals for Beginners
Bristle Fire Worm
All About Bristleworms (Beneficial and Harmful)
Reef aquarium in the dark
How Do You Feed Corals in a Saltwater Aquarium?
Aquarium reef tank
What Makes a Saltwater Aquarium a Reef Tank?
Tropical fish swimming in aquarium outside kitchen
Important Things You Should Know About Small Aquarium Setups
Home aquarium setup
Vacation Aquarium Care
Angel Fish Swimming in fishtank with floating plants ( Pterophyllum scalare)
Top 14 Floating Plants for Your Aquarium
Fish In Aquarium
How to Work with Live Rock in a Marine Aquarium
live rock and coral fish aquarium
Read These Tips for Buying Live Rock for Your Marine Aquarium
reef tank
Is It Time to Go to LED Lighting on Your Reef Tank?
Goldfish in an aquarium
Growing Brine Shrimp for Fish Food
The Corals in Your Aquarium Need Food as Well as Light
Growing Amphipods and Copepods for Your Aquarium
Saltwater Butterflyfish in an Aquarium
Identifying, Locating and Curing Stray Voltage in a Saltwater Aquarium
Marine aquarium
How to Maintain a Saltwater Aquarium
Colorful Tropical Fish and Coral In Tank Aquarium
Is Your Reef Tank Too Hot (Or Cold)?
Saltwater aquarium
Saltwater Aquarium and the Importance of Dissolved Oxygen Levels
Black and white striped fish in a tank
Power Outages and Saltwater Aquariums
Mushroom coral
Soft Mushroom Corals or Disc Anemones Photos
Fish in fish tank
Here's How to Keep Your Saltwater Aquarium Healthy
Colonial Zoanthids (Caribbean)
What Do Reef Corals Need to Survive?
Saltwater Aquarium
Why Put Live Rock In Saltwater Aquariums?
Bubbles rising in empty aquarium
Simple Ways to Reduce Troublesome Organic Debris in Aquariums
Aquarium fishes, Angelfish (Pterophyllum altum)
Do You Have the Right Substrate for Your Saltwater Aquarium
Lit fish tank
Lighting for a Saltwater Aquarium
Colorful fishes and corals in the aquarium
The Best Live Corals for Beginners
Clownfish, Cleaner Shrimp, Anemone - Symbiosis
How Many Fish Should You Put in a Saltwater Aquarium?
saltwater aquarium
What's the Ideal Temperature for a Saltwater Aquarium?
Pink Coralline algae on aquarium glass
Is There Enough Encrusting Coralline Algae Growth in Your Aquarium?
ph water measurement
5 Easy Ways to Regulate pH in a Saltwater Aquarium
Reef aquarium
Can You Use Untreated Tap Water in Aquariums?
Close up of bleached corals
Why Coral Bleaching Should Be Taken More Seriously
Red Slime Coating Live Rock in Fish Tank
How to Remove Red Slime Algae in a Saltwater Aquarium