Health & Wellness of Saltwater Fish

Read about common diseases, illnesses, behavior issues and other health problems in saltwater fish. Learn to recognize symptoms and how to provide treatment.
Betta infested with aquarium velvet disease oodinium
Velvet: Aquarium Fish Disease Identification and Cure
Fancy goldfish with parasite
How Do Fish Get Parasites?
Tank full of clownfish with blue background
Should You Give Your Saltwater Fish a Freshwater Bath?
Marine aquarium
Saltwater Aquarium Fish Diseases
Saltwater fish tank
Vibriosis in Fish
Gyrodactylus flukes under a microscope
Flukes in Fish
Yellow Surgeonfish
Black Spot or Tang Disease in Fish
5 Reasons Why Marine Fish Die in Aquariums
Tetra in fish tank
Hyposalinity or Osmotic Shock Therapy for Marine Ich
Neurofibroma on the dorsal ridge of a goldfish
Tumors in Pet Fish
paracanthurus hepatus
Using a Saltwater Aquarium Fish Diagnostic Tool
Bruising and scale loss secondary to fish flashing
Flashing in Aquarium Fish
Close-up of a clown fish swimming in its container
How to Treat Diseased Marine Fish With Formalin
Oscar fish eating worm
Feeding Your Fish Live Food
Art Aquarium 2015
Breeding Aquarium Fish, Basic Breeding Tips For Beginners
betta fish in a saltwater aquarium
White Spot Disease in Saltwater Fish
Fish bowls are bad for fish
Why You Should Never Keep Your Pet Fish in a Bowl
Live Food - Mosquito Larvae
Collecting Live Food For Aquarium Fish
Freshwater Fish Tank
Tuberculosis in Aquarium Fish
Fish in aquarium
Marine Ich, Velvet, or Coral Fish Disease
Looking Out From The Tank
How Much and How Often Should You Feed Your Fish?
Platy fish
Columnaris Disease in Aquarium Fish
Yellow Belly Blue Tang
Diagnose and Treat Saltwater Ich (Cryptocaryon)
Warty Frogfish
Bacterial Diseases in Marine Aquarium Fish
Catfish gills
Anemia in Fish
Brown Flatworm, Turbellaria, Kanula, Susac Island, Adriatic Sea, Croatia
Coral Eating Flatworms in Reef Tanks
Butterfly fish
Ammonia Burns in Fish
Sea Life Aquarium
How to Give Fish a Freshwater Dip or Bath
Close up of the lateral line on fish scale
Hole-in-the-Head Disease in Saltwater Fish
Single piranha in a fish tank
Is Your Fish Omnivore, Herbivore or Carnivore?
Clownfish with Lymphocystis
Lymphocystis in Saltwater Aquarium Fish
hermit crab with legs out
What to Do If Your Hermit Crab Loses a Leg
Picture of nori sheets in a wooden serving bowl
Feeding Nori to Saltwater Aquarium Fish
Close-Up Of Colorful Guppy Fish At Aquarium
Live Saltwater Feeder Fish for Your Marine Animals
Fishes in plastic bag for sale
Tips on Moving Saltwater Fish
How to Treat Brooklynella Disease in Fish
Brooklynella in Fish
Nitrite value testing
Nitrite Poisoning in Aquarium Fish
Aquarium with cichlids fish from lake malawi
How to Feed Vegetarian Fish
Young boy feeding tropical fish
How Often Should I Feed My Saltwater Aquarium Fish?