Shirlie Sharpe

Shirlie Sharpe is an avid author and photographer of fish, who has kept and raised ornamental fish for decades. She currently has a fish room that holds 60 aquariums.

You can also read more about Shirlie at her Google Profile: Shirlie Sharpe.


Shirlie has written hundreds of articles about fish and has teamed up on a variety of projects with public aquariums and nonprofit organizations. Her clients include the Minnesota Zoo, the National Aquarium, and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. In addition, she has worked with Fishbase, FAMA, and the Ask Heloise show.

Shirlie Sharpe

Whether it's starting a new tank, learning how to care for your fish, or solving a problem, you'll find your answers here. Fish keeping should be fun, and I am committed to helping fish owners be successful. No question is too dumb to ask, no fish too small to be concerned about. My forums are also an excellent resource, and I highly recommend visiting them. You will love the community there.

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