Shirlie Sharpe

Shirlie Sharpe is a fish and aquarium expert with 16 years of experience in freelance writing. She has written a book on setting up an aquarium.


  • Aquarium and fish expert with 16 years of experience
  • Author of ​Knack Aquariums: "A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Healthy, Beautiful Fish"
  • Contributed aquatic content to The Spruce Pets for almost 20 years


Shirlie Sharpe is a former writer for The Spruce Pets, contributing articles for 16 years. She is an avid author and photographer of fish, keeping and raising ornamental fish for decades. Shirlie has written hundreds of articles about fish and has teamed up on a variety of projects with public aquariums and nonprofit organizations. Her clients include the Minnesota Zoo, the National Aquarium, and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. In addition, she has worked with Fishbase, FAMA, and the "Ask Heloise show."


 Shirlie Sharpe attended Argosy University Twin Cities. 

Expertise: Aquariums and fish
Education: Argosy University Twin Cities
Location: Rochester, Minnesota
Title: Author

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