Browse through our guide to small bird species, including budgies, canaries and finches.
Budgie birds illustration
Learn Some Fast Facts About Budgies for Pets
'Common mynah (Acridotheres tristis) on a branch, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka'
Mynah Birds: When You Want a Pet That Talks
White-crowned Parrot or Plum-crowned Pionus (Pionus senilis) at Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve, Copan, Honduras.
Get to Know the White-Capped Pionus Parrot
Yellow and white canary
A Canary Is an Ideal Pet Bird for Beginners
Bourke's parakeet sitting on a tree branch.
A Bourke's Parakeet Is a Perfect Pet for First-Time Bird Owners
A List of 5 Types of Small Parrots
5 Popular Types of Small Parrots
A pair of Spectacled Parrotlets in Colombia
Fast Facts About Parrotlets
Illustrated facts about lovebirds.
5 Fast Facts About Lovebirds
Alexandrine parakeet
Alexandrine Parakeet: Species Characteristics & Care
Zebra Finch
Zebra Finches: Great Pets for Beginners
Lineolated Parakeet
Learn How to Take Care of Lineolated (Barred) Parakeets
Java Finch
Java Finch Bird Profile
Lady gouldian finch
Learn How to Care for a Gouldian Finch as a Pet
Red breasted parakeet
The Moustached Parakeet Is a Delightful Talker
Blue-winged parrotlet sitting on a branch.
They May Be Small, But Parrotlets Have a Big Bird Personality
Lutino parakeets
Lutino Parakeet: Bird Species Profile
How Can I Get My Lovebirds to Mate?
Owl Finch (Bicheno Finch)
This Adorable Finch Looks Like a Tiny Owl
red lories
This Little Red Parrot Is Full of Fun
Diamond dove perched on a branch.
What is a Diamond Dove and How Do You Care For One?
Society finch up close.
What is a Society Finch and How Do You Care for One?
A Scarlet-chested Parrot eating grass seeds in Melbourne, Victoria, AU. Melbourne is outside the normal range of this bird, so its suspected that this is an escaped aviary bird.
Do Scarlet-Chested Parakeets Make Good Pets?
Jardine parrot up close.
What is a Jardine Parrot and How Do You Care for Them?
Meyer's Parrot sitting on a rock.
What is a Meyer's Parrot and How Do You Care for One?
White and blue parakeet perched on a branch
What's the Difference Between Parakeets and Budgies?
Illiger's Macaws
Use These Tips to Keep Mini Macaws as Pets
Zebra finches
5 Fast Facts About Finches
Gloster Canary on a perch
What is a Gloster Canary and How Do You Care for One?
Lovely Zebra Finch
How to Breed Your Own Zebra Finches
Two budgies kissing on a branch
What You Need to Know Before You Breed Your Parakeets