How to Care for Small Pets

Consider a small pet that's more affordable and requires less care but is still playful and affectionate. Learn how to care for your small pet and to be a responsible pet owner.
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The Best Pets for Seniors
8 Roly Poly Animals Who Are Irresistibly Cute
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The Best Therapy Animals
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16 Animals Who Are Happy to Be Babies
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12 Baby Animals Who Are Excited for Winter
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10 Baby Animals Who Love Mom
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2 Common Types of Wood Shavings That May Not Be Safe for Your Pet
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These creative chicken names are perfect for your feathered friend.
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How to Care for a Pet Lionhead Rabbit
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10 Best Small Rodents to Keep as Pets
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How to Care for a Pet Gerbil
Gerbils standing
What Should Your Pet Gerbil Eat?
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Deciphering Your Gerbil's Behavior
Portrait Of Gerbil In Coconut Shell
How to Tame a Pet Gerbil
Hamster on wheel
Help, My Hamster is Sneezing!
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Safely Introducing Pet Gerbils to Each Other
Gerbil on hind legs while standing on wood chips.
How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Gerbils
Pet hamster
Here Are the Most Popular Hamsters to Keep as Pets
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Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?
Syrian hamster sleeping in a clay pot.
How Long Do Hamsters Sleep and What if They are Sleeping Longer?
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Essential Supplies for Hamsters
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Is a Hamster a Right Pet For You?
Tan and white hamster held in owner's hands closeup
Learn How to Handle and Tame Your Pet Hamster
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How to Stop Your Hamster From Biting
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The Right Cage Will Be a Happy Home for Your Syrian Hamster
Well manicured hands holding a hamster
How to Pick Out a Hamster at the Pet Store
Hamster mother with babies
What to Do If Your Hamster Has Babies
Hamster curled into a ball on a white background
What Kind of Diseases Do Hamsters Get?
hamster sitting on a cloth nibbling food
What Are the Potential Issues for Hamsters' Teeth?
Dwarf Hamster
What Is Wet Tail in Hamsters?
Light brown and white hamster sitting on wooden surface closeup
All About Keeping Hamsters as Pets
Golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) playing with ball, side view
What Kind of Toys Do Hamsters Like?
Hamster in hands
What Cage is Best for a Dwarf Hamster?
A white face roborovski dwarf hamster (pet) held
Breeding Information for Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters
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Is it Safe For Your Hamster to Eat That?
winter white dwarf hamster in grass
How to Care for a Pet Winter White Dwarf Hamster
Dwarf Hamster
How to Care for a Pet Dwarf Hamster
Dwarf hamster
How to Breed Dwarf Russian Hamsters
Campbells Dwarf Hamster running in bogie wheel
How to Care for a Pet Campbell's Dwarf Hamster
Robo (Roborovski) hamster
How to Care for a Pet Robo (Roborovski) Hamster
Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) in pot with a plant
How to Care for a Pet Syrian Hamster
Close-Up Of A Hamster Eating Groundnut
Learn All About Pet Hamster Cheek Pouches
Syrian Hamster with babies
Why Syrian Hamsters Prefer to Be Alone at Home
Hamster looking out from cage
How to Clean Your Pet Hamster’s Cage
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The 5 Most Popular Hamster Species Kept as Pets
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The First 30 Days With Your Pet Hamster
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7 Reasons Why Hamsters Make Great Pets
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Is a Hamster the Right Pet for You?
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Find Out What Kind of Eye Problems Hamsters Get And How You Can Help
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Why is Your Hamster Circling and What Can You Do About It?
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Why Does Your Hamster Chew on the Cage Bars?
Brown and white hamster on a white background.
How Are Abscesses in Hamsters Treated?
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Find Out What Kind of Hamster Wheel is Best for Your Furry Friend
Chinese hamster in hands
How to Care for a Pet Chinese Hamster
Sexing Hamsters - Diagram - Female or Male Hamster
How Do I Determine if My Hamster is Male or Female?
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How to Care for a Pet Teddy Guinea Pig
Guinea pig with brown and white hair eating strawberries on wooden surface
​What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?
Guinea pig with brown and white hair sitting outside on wooden floor
How to Make Sure a Guinea Pig Is the Right Pet for You